Artificial Turf: Thank you for being the model Patriot, Troy Brown.

Troy Brown doing his job.

Troy Brown caught 557 passes in his 15 year career in the NFL. All for the New England Patriots. He is the team’s all-time leader in that category. Ahead of Big Ben Coates, Terry Glen, Stanley Morgan… all the Pats’ past greats. He’s 6th on the team’s all-time kick return list, 1st on the all-time punt return list, 19th on the all-time scoring sheet AND… he’s got 3 interceptions and 25 tackles. Troy Brown DID HIS JOB.

Troy Brown carved and kilned the mold for the model Patriot: Team-then-Self. A real Bill Belichick type of “player.”

Troy Brown Doing Someone Else's  Job

Troy Brown Doing Someone Else's Job

We’re lucky as Patriots Fans to have another player cast from the same mold.

In Kevin Faulk’s 10 seasons in the NFL, all with the New England Patriots, he has been leaving his mark on the Pats’ all-time lists as well. His 1,384 career touches –yes, I used a calculator to get to that number- have been accrued through rushing attempts, receptions, passing attempts, kick returns, punt returns and fumbles recovered. The Always Improving Kevin Faulk currently ranks 6th on the all-time receptions list, the highest of any Patriot running back, 23rd on the all-time scoring list, 10th all-time in rushing attempts and 1st among all time kick return and kick return yards.

And his stats continue to accrue.

Kevin Faulk doing his job.

Kevin Faulk doing his job.

Sunday yielded 17 touches for Faulk, 13 rushing attempts for 60 yards and 4 receptions, one for a score. He provided excellent support on 3rd downs and was a constant threat from the Z back spot. When he splits out wide and forces a linebacker in to 1-on-1 coverage, he creates a great mismatch for Cassel to check to.

It’s clear that Cassel, who I hope you’re getting used to, has made Faulk and Welker –another TroyBrownian- his binkies. And that’s just fine provided he makes Randy Moss his weapon and starts hitting him up high where only Randy can get to it… but I digress…

Wes Welker doing his job.

Wes Welker doing his job.

The support Faulk is providing is invaluable. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not the only one seeing this, and other teams will start to scheme against him… but Bill always gets his players the ball. Look for Faulk to be a big contributor down the stretch.

We’re sittin’ pretty, tied atop the division. Anticipate a hell of a game next week…

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8 responses to “Artificial Turf: Thank you for being the model Patriot, Troy Brown.

  1. erroneous….. kevin faulk != Troy brown

    (!= means not equal for those of you who never took compsci)

    …go to your rooom

  2. startmattcassel

    Substantiate your claim, MathGuy.

  3. The big difference, which is an important distinction is talent. Attitude, and solid utility player role they are similar, but in athletic prowess and when all the stats are in troy brown will swamp Kevin Faulk in accomplishments/contribution to the team.

  4. James Carter

    they both also love to toke that green isssh

  5. startmattcassel

    Time will tell, MathGuy…

  6. startmattcassel

    nuh uhhh

  7. Big Brosky

    I think Faulk is just as good as Troy Brown…probably the most underrated half/full/h-back in the league. Who else is as versatile in the league besides Reggie Bush???

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