What Now, Bud?

Update (1:17 PM): The MotherShip’s Karl Ravech is reporting that the final 3-1/2  Innings of game 5 have been postponed until tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Play will resume at 10:37 PM Mountain time. It is snowing in Philadelphia.


Last night around midnight, Bud Selig looked like someone had just shit in his cereal (even more so than usual). He had just suspended game 5 of the World Series in the bottom of the 6th. Never has there been a World Series game shortened by rain. There was no way that Bud would have let it end without a 9 inning decision, and he said that if there had not been a tie score (it was 2-2 with the Phillies coming up in the 6th, and the Rays had just tied the score in the top of the inning) it would have gone to rain delay. It would have stayed that way for days if necessary. However, the score was tied and the game was suspended for the first time ever. This decision was made based on the fact that the weather had gone from very nice October baseball conditions to a monsoon in the matter of a few innings. They will try to resume the game tonight, but the forecast calls for cold (29 Degree windchill), precipitation (snow?) and generally unfavorable conditions. Should be very interesting.

At least the rain will make it harder for Philly Fans to burn down the city if they win tonight

At least the rain will make it harder for Philly Fans to burn down the city if they win tonight

It should be a different type of atmosphere in the ballpark as they resume the game (maybe) at 8:29 pm tonight (Dammit, I was excited for the new episode of House). The game will be three and a half innings (not two and a half like Ravech, Phillips and Gammons said while freezing in the right field dugout after the game), with the home team batting first and last. It will be a battle of bullpens, as Kazmir was already out of the game, and they can’t run Hamels out there again (he was good, but couldn’t hold on to his lead once it started raining). This is a major advantage for the Phillies as their pen has been sterling while the Rays haven’t had the same type of production since they collapsed in game 5 in Boston. Another result of this is the fact that while the Phils got to go to their nice warm homes after the game last night, the Rays had to drive to Delaware (35 miles) to get another Hotel, as they had checked out and their rooms had been filled. 

I’ve never been involved in a suspended game so I have some questions for those in charge. Will they sing the National Anthem again? Do we need to stretch in the 7th if only one inning has been played that day? Can the Phillies wear their alternate jerseys for the second half of the game? Will Bud be sad until the game is over, or just until it gets to start again? Do we get our free Taco Bell tacos today (Jason Bartlett stole a base last night and won everyone in America a free taco, just like Jacoby did last year but without the obvious plant of Royce Clayton talking about it on a mic in the dugout) or do we have to wait until the game ends?

The real question about the situation is when the game will be played. The aforementioned forecast is horrible and if they can’t play tonight, the game will have to be further pushed back. This will also move back games 6 and 7 in Tampa. In this case( a few days of delay), we could see Hamels again if the Rays are able to win and drive the series to a 7th game (like Tiant in the 75 Series, the Best World Series Ever). Even if the Series this year has little allure to anyone outside of Barack Obama (who bought 30 minutes of ad time and is the only person happy to see it being most popular in Pennsylvania and Florida), this turn of events should keep people interested (at least until the game restarts and people get pissed that House is being Preempted).

Even if the game is not played, there is something else to watch tonight. The Celtics will raise their 17th World Championship banner to the rafters of the Garden (it was always the name. Raising a banner to the rafters of the Fleetcenter just sounds wrong), and starting their season against their next big acquisition (some guy named LeBron). They have been picked by everyone on the MotherShip (ESPN) and SI to waltz through the east again and lose in the Finals. Thats right, Kevin “I’d chop off a pinky to play a regular season game” Garnett, someone is doubting you, and people don’t know if you are hungry to win this year. (The rest of the league just got very afraid.)

Go C’s 

112 days.



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7 responses to “What Now, Bud?

  1. Thankfully there are other things to watch on TV. Dancing with Chimps is more entertaining than this godforsaken major-market-less WS.

    When do pitchers and catchers report, again?

    Go Pats. Go Celts. And I think we even have a hockey team too.

  2. Are the Red Sox playing? No… Well then F baseball. Do some real reporting if you want to talk baseball. Why don’t you tell us who was hitting the club hard this week. The Dominicans were in the building this weekend! Do some real reporting this is Boston all we care about is the Red Sox. I say this because you seem to be the “baseball commentator” While angyblackale seems to be covering the C’s and smartmatcasshole I mean smartmattcassel guy -no offense to Matt Cassel who proved himself historically this Sunday- the Pat’s.

    If it ain’t about the Sox who cares. I don’t care if the whole league gets evicted like George Bush should have last election. Speaking of which someone was saying on NPR the other day how this is the most important election in history. F-U you racist mother…sons!!! The most important race in history was that one when we could have gotten Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie (retarded) out the office. Maybe then Obama would have been proud to be a Republican instead of making the whole world vote baby killing, tax loving, democratic Romans.

    Though I do like the Black Love. Powell is a G. He rapped those cats hard but when they were messing up he rolled. When the Republicans can’t hold down a black soldier you know something is wrong. At least they still got their thumb on Miss Rice-A-Roni. I guess if Obama can be president, Condi -“my husband.. I mean Mr. President”- can run a football team. What a joke. I not knocking her skills but if that ain’t selling out I don’t know what is. What is wrong with America today? Where are we as a country right now. JFK had Marylin Bush had Condi?

    We have moved on to the Bruins and the C’s who as I write this are up on the Cunnucknucks 1-0 and victorious over the James gang respectively. By the way there was fight this weekend in the club were some unnamed Boston Sports star was in attendance. He wasn’t involved but somebody did get hemmed up.

    angryblackale wasn’t involved “allegedly” but I think I heard “someone” said “What! You going to take that!?” before exchanges were made. Also I think some little Dude got punked when he got to close to the “Man”. Persuasiveness and strength. Don’t sleep. angryblackale got super comic book powers. Like Superman looking like Clark Kent without the glasses. Can you say PIMP!!! I heard one of the dudes involved in the may-lay after getting repositioned (pushed in self defense) looked up at a angryblack ale and the real “Entourage” and kept it moving. The little dude didn’t want none.

    By the way Invisionfilmworks is working on a film and TV series based on the exploits of Real Bostonians. It is called 73 and is about Real Bostonians who are reshaping the Landscape of America. There are no Turtles here everyone is a Vince with the minds of E. Straight Mongol! Buy the DVD today. The “Mongol” DVD because “Real Bostonians” doesn’t start casting till next month though production should be wrapped up this Winter.

    I assume you get the point Bosstown is popping and the only Mohawks we care about we offed in the Pilgrim times! Throw your B up Done and rep your city. Whats Pappi doing?!!!! Take a tip from the Bruins because “THEY WANT IT AS BAD AS ME”!

  3. James Carter


  4. startmattcassel

    wow. overthemonster.com is awesome. good find.

  5. Eff those illiterate slut shitbirds.

  6. wow wooga bear….your post made me laugh and cry all @ the same time….it was kinda hard to explain to my coworkers…

  7. TeaseMeBabay

    wow Wooga Beer, you are a trip! How did you start out talking baseball (well, kinda) and go waaaay right?

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