Jason Bay has Clutchitude® Leaking Out His Ears.

Today’s best stat from the Globe: Jason “The Buzzard” Bay is 10 for 20 (.500) with 4 homers and 10 RBIs from the seventh inning on this season.

Now that is the man that I want hitting in a big spot. While Mike Lowell was named the AL Player of the Week yesterday, it’s Bay that is the Sox MVP so far this season. Not only for the fact that he has been solid from day one, plays a terrific left field and adds an element to the game that the old left fielder never did (reliablility), but because he has done it with class. He is in a contract year, but you don’t hear anything about it. He would be hitting third and not sixth on 85% of the other teams in the league, but he doesn’t complain. He just goes out to left field every day, does his job, and, get this, has fun.

This is from last night, not 1995. His pitching motion just hasn't changed in 15 years. And that is one of the reasons we love him.

This is from last night, not 1995. His pitching motion just hasn't changed in 15 years. And that is one of the reasons we love him.

After last night’s pitchers duel ended in the 9th (gotta make it interesting, don’t you Paps), it was the two guys who have come up biggest all season for the Sox that stood tall. The New Guy (The Buzzard) and The Elder Statesman (Wake) both have not only been winning us games, but they have dominated. Wakefield has given up 3 runs in his past three starts (none last night), has a 1.86 ERA and is the man who pitched the Sox out of their opening funk by throwing 7.1 innings of no hit ball at the A’s. He was awesome again last night and is finally going to get his Cy this year (I’m only kinda kidding; If he stays this good he will at least be in the conversation).

But the man of the hour is Bay, whose 9th inning 3-run blast off of Kerry Wood scored the first runs of the game and proved to be the difference in the Sox’ 11th straight win. Let’s play compare the stat lines:

19 61 16 21 5 1 5 19 20 12 2 .344 .506 .705
19 68 14 23 3 0 4 14 16 14 0 .338 .464 .559
17 65 12 19 1 1 3 7 9 9 3 .292 .382 .477

Which one is which? One belongs to The Buzzard, one belongs to some douche who wears 99 in LA, and one belongs to a formerly good player who is manning left field for a team that just got swept out of the Fens. Right now, by is making less money than either of them. Though this will be corrected (hopefully soon), it shows what kind of player he is that he doesn’t talk shit about the team, doesn’t mention contract stuff, and just goes out and makes pitchers cry.

Go to Redsox.com and look at the pictures on the All Star Voting Front Page. Is Youk Stoned, Tired or Angry?

Tonight the Sox go for the dozen with Penny on the mound against some guy who never slept with Eliza Dushku. Advantage: Red Sox.

And this report from the Bruins: They are bored of practice and ready to pound the shit out of whoever they get matched up with after the two game 7’s tonight (Devils-Whalers, Rangers-Caps).

Go Bruins. Go Sox.


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One response to “Jason Bay has Clutchitude® Leaking Out His Ears.

  1. startmattcassel

    SMC’s Batting Order:

    1. Ells
    2. Pedroia
    3. Youk
    4. Bay
    5. Papi
    6. Drew
    7. Lowell
    8. Tek
    9. Mr. Green

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