If you know what just happened, then you are watching the Red Sox game and saw Jacoby single up the middle with runners at the corners and two down to send Bailey home and tie the game in the 8th taking Lester off the hook for the loss and capping a 5 run comeback to make it all even.

This all happened due to reverse cheering.

I could have either shared this moment with my sexy asian girlfriend… or the Ballpark faithful.

Go Sox.



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7 responses to “9:47pm

  1. The True Bostonian


  2. McGreevey

    If by “sexy Asian girlfriend” you mean “the love of my life, named Russell” you are right.

  3. SwimFan

    It’s a blow up doll, therefor it couldn’t be the love of SMC’s life because blow dolls don’t have souls.

    They have holes.


  4. McGreevey

    Bit if they have holes they will deflate and SMC will be humping the bed like a horny freshman. Of course he is thinking about guys while he does that and the blowup doll is still named Russell.

  5. BallFour

    But if it’s Asian, wouldn’t it be Russel Ho?

  6. McGreevey

    Stirr a dude. Berieve.
    Hans brix!!!!!!!

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