Artificial Turf: We are super cool, Nominated for best Pats blog.

Sports Fans! Great news from the Ballpark: We have been nominated by for a New England Sports Blog Award in the Patriots category along with Real Boston Sports Fans, Sports of Boston and Patriots Daily. The entire Ballpark is honored by the nomination, I especially so. We all take great pride in the musings we publish and thank you all sincerely for your votes which led to our nomination.

Now it’s time for the big finish!

Voting for the winners began today and can be done so by clicking the link below. There is no shame in voting from every single email address you have… and yes, that is definitely what I will be doing.

Please go to to cast your vote for us. Vote early and often, eternal bliss shall be your reward.

Thank you again, readers and commentators alike.

– StartMattCassel

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