Can You Say Anti-Climax: Sox Get Shut Out in Nomar’s Return.

Nomar signing for fans.Well, at least we got one thing right. If the fans of Fenway were going to cheer Nomar last night (against my wishes) they did it the right way. One minute and ten seconds. He stood there at the plate, tears welling up in his eyes, for one minute and ten seconds as the Sox crowd showered him with the adulation that they wished they could have given him as he raised the trophy above his head five years ago. He tried to step into the box a few times, and had to hold up, partially because he was to faklempt to handle batting at that moment, and partially because the crowd would not let up. And then he stepped in.

And promptly stepped out to adjust his helmet, cup and batting gloves.


After that it was a game to forget. Brett Anderson, who had a fine performance wasted earlier this season when Tim Wakefield, All Star, flirted with a No-No, shut out the Sox on two hits. The lack of Clutchitude® not only led to us losing (the Yanks lost too, so we are still in first by a game), but dropped every single member of the Sox starting nine under the .300 avg mark.

Hopefully Beckett can go out there tonight and set shit straight. What I’d really like to see, which we haven’t seen all year, is a fight. That is what this team needs. Aaron Bates, I know you just debuted last night, and don’t want to give your self a bad reputation, but this may be your opportunity to take one for the team and make people hurt. It seems like the team could use it.

Go Sox.




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2 responses to “Can You Say Anti-Climax: Sox Get Shut Out in Nomar’s Return.

  1. mceezy

    As an A’s fan, Brett Anderson’s performance was the highlight of the game for me, BUT Boston fans just went up a notch in my book for Nomar’s reception.

  2. The True Bostonian

    go eff yourself mceezy. we don’t care about the notches in your crappy oakland book. nomar is a steroid using bum who chose his time to leave. it was the sissy boston fans that stood like idiots and cheered for too long last night. not The True Bostonian.

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