Red Sox Vs. Yankees: Momentum is the Next Day’s Starting Pitcher.

In this case I like our momentum. The Smoltz Experiment has been thrown on the pile with the Wade Miller Experiment and numerous others, and tonight we turn the ball over to the ace. Beckett is ahead of his pace from 2007, when he gave a big f#$% you to all of the writers who gave the Cy Young to Chomping Cheeseburgers Sabathia by dominating in the playoffs. 

Forget about last night, we have still beaten these shitbags eight times this year and our ace is better than their overpriced number 2 (and by that I do mean that he is a piece of shit). We’ve got anger on our side after Dusty Pete got plunked in the late innings last night, and a fight is just over the horizon, hopefully after Beckett has made the Yanks look like the little leaguers that we will be watching next week on NESN. 

No hyperbole, no analysis, no inspirational videos. Just anger, pure and simple. F#$% the Yankees. Pinstripes are stupid.  

Go Sox. 



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