Women in the Work Place and Miguel Cabrera

Skip Bayless

Sportsfans, sports broadcasting history was made today. A female sports reporter (whose name and picture I can’t freaking find anywhere on the internet) was talking about the problems with Notre Dame and Charlie Weis. Basically,  the problem is what Notre Dame thinks of itself. They aren’t executing their offense because they don’t have the personnel to run an NFL Superbowl offense because they simply can’t recruit.

Nameless intelligent female reporter to Skip Bayless: “…these kids weren’t even alive, Skip, when Notre Dame was good.”

Brian Scalabrine

That was it, it wasn’t a monologue, but she’s absolutely right. Notre Dame needs to take the pressure off Weis, which I don’t think they will because their Boosters are so deep in their own asses they can’t see straight, and commit to rebuilding the program based on a few targeted key recruits. They tried to do this around Clausen but only went half way because of Notre Dame’s self imposed pressure to win a National Championship.

Also. The Sox getting Miguel Cabrera would be just fine. Actually, it arouses me. I’m tired of the myth that the most important player is an Ace. For us, it’s a 30/120 bat. AND we can still get an arm. We need to spend our balls off and lock up Bay or Holliday, and go nuts on some pitching, get Lackey, I don’t even care. Just get me some shit-talk fuel.

I don’t wanna win in 2 years. I want to win today. Pitchers and Catchers: February 18.



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