Mike Cameron: Not A Douche

Through the magic of the internet, we have some video of one of the newest Red Sox, and the guy who will possibly be under the most pressure at the start of the season, Mike Cameron. Gladly, he seems to be cool with chatting with the fans (until he gets to Boston and figures out how crazy we are. I still don’t think he’s the answer in the outfield, center or left, but since the Beltre signing (who I may be unreasonably optimistic about) he seems to be a better pick up. His explanation of his choice of numbers hist all the right buttons and he comes this close to calling B.J. Upton an asshole for not talking to fans, but then changes the subject. We’ll see how the guy does when play starts, and he’d better not drop that first ball, but for now he just stepped a notch up in my book.

And I agree with Tony, Hannah Storm looked really milfy today on SportsCenter, but not as hot as the MILF from the Canadian Curling team.

Yeah, She Can Handle A Broom.

Go Sox.



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