How come LaGarrette Blount almost got his life ruined and Brittney MamaJamma Griner got TWO FREAKIN GAMES???

Is anybody else shocked at the reversing of the double standards applied to Brittney Griner after decking some poor chick from Texas Tech in comparison with LaGarrette Blount knocking out that big shit talking red neck? After this week’s little Tiff in Texas, 6’8” Baylor Freshman Brittney The Beast Griner, who has made herself a viral sensation (kinda like herpes) with her two-handed dunking ability, was suspended for one game by the NCAA and one game by her coach for throwing a haymaker at a defenseless broad and basically crushing her face. Jordan Barncastle, the a fore mentioned ‘defenseless broad,’ needs plastic surgery and could miss the rest of her season. Here you go:

Earlier this year (well… late 2009) you will recall Oregon senior running back LaGarrette Blount knocking out Byron Hout (who deserved it) and then promptly and hastily being suspended indefinitely, putting his football career in jeopardy, directly effecting his 2010 draft status, directly effecting how much money… if any… he will earn in the NFL… potentially ruining his entire football career and life. Here you go:

Now, I’m all for double standards… but only when I benefit from them! Girls aren’t supposed to fight! Or Poop!




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5 responses to “How come LaGarrette Blount almost got his life ruined and Brittney MamaJamma Griner got TWO FREAKIN GAMES???

  1. Really?

    You’re an idiot………………………………………How can you even compare? Blount was suspended for 9 games because he was instigating the fans AFTER the punch and almost went into the stands. He had to be restrained. The school said after the suspension was announced that they were suspending him for his ‘mental state’ than for the punch itself. I would also be willing to bet that you probably seen about 2 minutes of women’s basketball (the majority being the youtube clip of this incident). It’s a pretty physical game and the was a bench clearing brawl in 2007 between Kansas and Missouri with punches, kicking, bloodied noses and a broken bone. The result? ONE GAME SUSPENSIONS. Get your facts straight before you run your mouth, or you run the risk of sounding like all the other whining Red Raider fans out there – crying little babies.

  2. startmattcassel


    I have seen way less than 2 minutes of women’s basketball. thank god. sports for girls are like guy’s sports minus cool and entertaining. there isn’t one sport in the universe that is more entertaining when played by women. Bigger. Stronger. Faster.

    you probably think that this Brittney Mammajamma is the savior of the wnba (Whocares? NoBody Atall.) Let’s just remind everyone that watching someone fingertip down a standing dunk is… so 1950’s.

    in 2007 when there was this so called bench clearing brawl between the two kansas cities… i was super busy not giving a shit about girls basketball and cheering the red sox on to a world series victory.

  3. i agree about the poop comment….

  4. Done

    Hold on, since when has anyone on this website claimed to be a Texas Tech Red Raiders fan? Northwest Texas, and Lubbock, smells like cow shit. Oh, and the only reason anyone has ever heard of Waco is because a psycho cult leader killed his people there. Mike Leach Forever.

  5. Jabar Shofar

    Look Hippie, your comment is sarah palin dumb. Furthermore, womens bball is worse than death by chainsaw. you are probably a baylor fan so that means you like it when members of the mens bball team kill each other.

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