Wakefield Redux.

We Should Be Friends.

It was shorter than watching Apocalypse Now Redux, but to me Tim Wakefield’s 22 pitch outing last night gave me more info than the extra 11 hours of footage added to the original Apocalypse Now did. Six outs against seven hitters, no limping, no painful to watch attempts to field his position, most importantly no apparent back pain. This is a good sign for the Sox rotation amongst Beckett (1IP, 1R) and Lester (1IP, 4R) crapping the bed in their first starts (though Lackey did breeze through two innings today), and gives me hope that Wake is not, in fact, done, and that the surplus of starting pitching that we have this season will turn out better than it did last year.

Victor’s facility with the knuckler was also a bright spot of the 5-0 win (how quickly do you think people are going to start freaking out about that we didn’t score in the second spring training game?). Having our starting catcher out every fifth day can screw with the continuity of the team and this way Wake can also be used as a long man (heyo) in emergency situations. I’d hate to have to bring Mirabelli back with a police escort again.

Oh, right now on ESPN Classic there’s a replay of game 6 of the 2004 ALCS and I am astounded by two things. One s how bad Tim McCarver is at his job, throwing out facts like, “that’s a big pitch right there,” after a 3-1 strike from Foulke to Tony Clark, to prove that he can point out the most obvious thing in the world. The second thing is how much Joe Buck, who wanted to get that series over with like nobody’s business, was rooting for the Yankees. Every time anything happened, he would point out exactly how the Yankees were going to win, as if he was hoping for it. What a douche.

Go Sox.



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