Evacuation Day: When the Rebels Kicked the British Out of Boston So That We Could Drink Green Beer as Free Men.

After two days of playing non stop heroin hero (also known as combing the internet for every opinion on the brackets that I can) I have resurfaced just in time for St. Patricks day here in the city of Boston (also known as Evacuation Day to the joyous residents of Suffolk County). To me St. Patrick’s Day has a few important meanings.

It is spring training for the upcoming outdoor drinking season. It is the first chance to prepare (especially on gorgeous days like today) for the summer of standing with the sun on our overly reddened necks while drinking copious amounts of beer. It also reminds me of my trip to Ireland, where I discovered that people in Dublin have no problem drinking heavily in bars with their children.

Most importantly, though, is the fact that we are now just about two weeks from the start of meaningful baseball. Today they play with green hats, green jerseys and green bases (at least that is the report). To me it is more than celebrating St. Patrick’s (who apparently was really good at beating snakes it is like a green flag for the regular season. Sure, we still have to follow the pace car for a bit, but from here on out it gets serious. Pitchers will be throwing four or more innings to get stretched out, the starters from the big club play every day and for more than just a few innings, and we (the fans) get to see what the team is really going to look like as the season comes.

Here’s today’s lineup full o’ regulars(whimsical additions from the Globe’s Peter Abraham):

RED SOX (8-6)
Marco O’Scutaro SS
Dustin O’Pedroia 2B
Victor O’Martinez C
Kevin O’Youkilis 1B
David O’Ortiz DH
Adrian O’Beltre 3B
Jeremy O’Hermida LF
Mike O’Cameron CF
Josh O’Reddick RF

Pitching: RHP John O’Lackey followed by RHP Jonathan O’Papelbon, LHP Hideki O’Okajima, RHP Ramon O’Ramirez, RHP Manny O’Delcarmen and RHP Daniel O’Bard.

Our best wishes go out to Ryan Westmoreland, who had successful brain surgery and is hopefully on the Jon Lester “Recover From a Life Threatening Illness and Come Back Just in Time to Win the World Series and Become an All Star” plan.

Baseball on TV at 1:00 today. Enjoy your Guiness.

Go Sox.



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