You Know That Feeling When The Huge Dump You Just Took Shoots Back Up Your Ass? That’s How I Feel Today.

With the Sox having an off day from spring games yesterday (though Buck did pitch well against the  Twins minor leaguers) this is a perfect time to declare hockey season officially over. Anybody who watched the Bruins game last night knows why. One fight against Matt Cooke (which SMC was really excited about, because Thornton did destroy him)) to start the game and then a weak, ball-lacking effort against the Penguins is not enough to save the season that was destroyed by the complete absence of any heart. Even Chara’s fight in the second period, where he manhandled some guy and then looked at his teammates as if to say,”come on, show some balls,” didn’t get any reaction.

So hockey season is over. Even if they do make the playoffs, they’ll be out in one round and we’ll all be salivating over our top three draft pick (or just ignoring them until next fall, when we get to see that guy in action and wonder why we are not . So at least we’ve got that going for us.

On the other side of the “you’ll feel like you got f#$%ed by a train” coin is my bracket. While it was cool seeing the Ohio Bobcats destroy Georgetown and Vandy dropping one to Murray State, I really do hate big upsets. I had Georgetown in the Final Four, but only on the one bracket I did for the Ballpark, of course, which completely screws me worse than Warden Norton did to Tommy Williams.

The worst part of this situation is that now I really have nothing to tide me over until real baseball starts and I get to spend time with my buddies Don and Jerry every night instead of the twice a week that it happens now. The best part is that I can just root for every upset possible today.

Go Sox.



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