Time to sign Victor, because Mauer’s a Twin For Life.

I think he'll celebrate this one with more than a fist bump.

No matter how much people tried to get our hopes up in the past week or so, we all knew that it was going to happen. Joe Mauer has signed the fourth richest contract in baseball history to stay with his hometown Minnesota Twins for at least the next 8 years. He’s the undisputed best catcher in the game, and with Varitek in what is, barring some unforeseen magic healing at the hands of a voodoo witch doctor, his last season in a Red Sox uniform, the idea of having Mauer don the home whites for a decade sounded good.

That ship has now sailed, and even though it’s great for baseball and everybody who isn’t a bloodless competition freak that Joe is going to be a hometown guy for life, the Sox have to look elsewhere to fill the void that is potentially going to pop up behind the plate and in the lineup. Fortunately we do already have the consensus second best catcher in the majors back there alreadt, and though he’s only signed through this year, he is the best option for a long term deal, seeing as the Red Sox lack a Buster Posey or Matt Weiters in the system.

Another bonus for the people of the Twin Cities, Mauer's ladyfriend.

If there is a to do list on Theo’s corkboard somewhere, this situation has to be right at the top, along with getting Beckett to stick around and bilking the Padres out of their own hometown guy, Adrian Gonzalez. I don’t know how much it will take, but the earlier the better, especially with the Pinstriped Assholes lurking out there and needing a new backstop of their own. Having a catcher who has caught two Cy Young pitchers, hit 25 home runs in a year, regularly posts a .300 average and 100 RBI, and by all accounts is a really great guy is the kind of luxury that most teams don’t have and it would be a tragedy if he were to leave town, even if his most likely other landing spot wasn’t New York.

Sign Victor.

Go Sox.



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