One Last Week…… The Red Sox Play Seven Nights From Now.

The last week of the interminably long offseason is finally here, and the Sox are getting the last few issues nailed down. The club leaves to make the trip home (Via D.C.) on Friday and between now and then Becket, Lester, Lackey and Wake will get their final tuneups before taking the ball for real. That leaves just a few small details to be taken care of.

Lackey, the Texan bulldog signed this offseason to take the third spot in Tito’s hand of aces, has agreed to do just that, pitch third, at least until he proves himself in the AL East. Some people were worried that he would be against the whole idea, based on the fact that he has a ring and a 3.12 postseason ERA, along with having been the ace of a perennial contender for years. Those fears were unfounded, as it seems that he had no problem being the third guy for day one. Another victory for not being a douche.

There are still questions as far as who will fill the last spot on the bench (Tug Hulett may have earned himself that spot with a three-run bomb today) and the second lefty spot in the bullpen. Alan Embree, Scott Schoenweis and Joe Nelson have all been run through the grinder, and there isn’t truly any indication as to who will be the 12th pitcher to make his way north with the big club (not stopping in Pawtucket).

One more week until the madness begins (and I still can’t find a ticket to the game for less than $100, so if you have any clues they would be welcome). One more week of sleep, TV and spending less than 12 hours per day checking Extra Bases. I’m ready.

One last thing; Tool Academy, in it’s infinite wisdom, has delivered further proof that Yankees fans are douchebags (fast forward to the 2:40 point).

Go Sox.




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