Run Prevention Working Out Terrifically, Sox Lose.

Raise your hand if you didn’t see that one coming. Now look around. Everybody with their hands up is either an idiot or a liar.

Of course the first Red Sox error of 2010 would end up costing us the game. Of course the new guy who was brought in to stabilize the shortstop position for the first time since 2004 was the one who made the error. Of course it was on a hit by the most relaible shortstop in the game; a guy who has been at his spot for 16 seasons now.

Your turn.

But lets hold back on the whole freaking out thing. Ortiz is 0-7, Lester and Beckett both have 7+ ERAs, and Adrian Gonzalez is still not on the Sox. These are all problems, but not after two games. I agree that David Ortiz may be done, and that, without him in the five spot, the lineup looks a little flimsy, but two games is not enough of a sample size. That is 1.234% of the season.

Give it time and we’ll hope that this run prevention thing works out better next time. We’ll do the whole thing again tonight at 7, with the new guy on the hill.

Go Sox.



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