If The Red Sox Don’t Look Good Against The Royals This Weekend, I’ll Want Manny Delcarmen’s Head on a Spit.

You blow the game, and I'll drink beer out of your empty head.

They usually suck in K.C., but this is a new season and Timmmmmmmay is on the mound looking to move a step closer to officially being the man, in a historical sense. Meanwhile, the Sox need to show that they will spend the balance of the season kicking the crap out of the bottom half of the A.L. so that we can keep pace with those teams that should (and I say should because nothing is for sure) be getting in the way, like New York, LAAAAAAAA, Seattle, Minnesota, Detroit and Chicago. A series win here in K.C., where they are 6-7 in the past four years, would do a lot to bolster the confidence of a fan base which seems to be pressing the panic button daily (even though we all know that the team will win 95 games). Of course, if the bullpen (one of the supposed strengths of this team) were to blow another one, I’ll be calling to have a Manny Delcarmen Skull Keg Party (because it’s obviously his fault).

Remember to be happy that you aren’t a Pirates Fan.

Go Sox.



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