Lester to Bard to Papelmoose; Order Restored to the Cosmos.

This is not during warmups. There is just nobody at SkyDome because the Jays are awful.

I must first admit to not watching the game last night, I was at an event of equal length, more death and less balls: The Opera.

But upon my midnight return to the hotel, I was graced by baseball tonight’s highlights. Lester for 7 innings of shutemdown baseball (11 k’s) then Bard K’s the side after giving up a double just to keep the game intrigue high, and then in came the Moose to shut things down.

Just another victim.

Lester’s ability to vary between a 95mph heater, and a 78mph curveball is just knee bucklingly awesome. My favorite toss of his, however, is his 87mph running cutter. And each of them worked last night. Lester has been generally poor in April over his career… and given this will prob be his last start this month, I’m looking forward to a very fulfilling May. Which will be nice because we forget that May is generally a shitty and rainy month… and Boston only smiles when the Sox are winning (or when we hear tourists complaining about us… it’s just the best).

Assuming Lowell and Ortiz don’t poison each other, Bucc keeps plowing away (heyo), Beckett gets his shit together and Lackey keeps it on the straight & narrow… we’re in for a 19+ win May.


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