Picture Perfect Return for Savard, if your picture includes losing Sturm for 8 months with a torn ACL & MCL

Just a day after the Bruin’s Marc Savard returns to action after missing over a month with a grade 2 concussion, he lifts the B’s past the Flyers of Philadelphia in a 5-4 overtime Playoff Win that nearly brought the TD BankNorth Garden to the ground. The NHL Has even already fashioned a truly Junior-Varsity Playoff Commercial out of it on YouTube:

Unfortunately, about 65 minutes earlier… this happened:

What looked like a very sissy phantom hip-check by Marco Sturm was actually all of the important ligaments in his legs tearing apart from one another, and the bone, and the pain, and he’s out for months…

Almost every Boston Sports team is playing tonight, Playoff Basketball, Playoff Hockey and regular season baseball (the Orioles have 7 wins this season, and 4 of them came from the suckbag Red Sox). Since clearly, the Red Sox need the most help, I will be hoping the weather holds so that I can cheer them on this evening in person, perhaps they just need some new energy.

The aging Celtics, whose locker room looks like an assisted living center, take the floor against LeBron Marino James and the Cleveland Favaliers. And really… just whack him on the elbow and take James out for the Series… Maybe Shawn Thortnon is available for a little cross-athletic promotion…

That’s all I can muster for now… it’s grey out, it’s too hot to sleep… but at least Aaron Hernandez hasn’t called my cellphone yet… so I’m pretty sure he’s been staying out of trouble.


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