Welcome to the Party, Victor Martinez.

God Must Have Helped.

These things even out. Victor Martinez is a good hitter. The Red Sox will pitch (except Daisuke) and play defense and hit the three run home run. It will be O.K. Last night’s game is proof positive, as the Sox rebounded from a 4-0 hole in the first inning (thanks to the fact that Matsuzaka sucks) and came back to win 11-6 behind a home run, a double and 4 RBI from the previously completely inept Victor Martinez. Like so many things this week, it is a step in the right direction, but Victor is still hitting .192 from the left side and doubled his season home run total last night.

Four games, thirty six runs, and four wins. I like sweeps. The Red Sox are back above.500 for the first time since opening day and just in time for the Yanks to come to town and Boston Sports Armageddon (Yanks-Sox, Bruins go  for the sweep, C’s-Cavs game 3) to descend upon the city.

I hope we make it.

Go Sox.


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