Do It For Your Moms!

Bill Hall knows how to do it for his mom.

After two days of being treated like a red headed step child, hopefully the Sox will show up and put one on the Yanks for their Mom’s today. Lester’s back on the hill (and he’s been absolutely nasty lately) to try to shut down mom-haters Mark Tiexiera and Douche-Rod, the primary antagonists for pretty much everything the Sox do these days.

I’ve already expressed my opinion (in poop) about all of the events of friday night, on the diamond, court and ice, and there’s not much more to say about a Sox team that looked like they just wanted to get out of the rain yesterday because they were afraid of messing up their hair.

Unfortunately Bill Hall’s not in the lineup to continue his Pink Bat mastery, but the Sox have a chance to pinch a big one on one of their favorite pinstriped punching bags, A.J. “Who Farted” Burnett. What better way to honor  your mother than kicking some Yankee ass?

Go Sox.



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