World Cup Draws Near, Key Stars Left off International Rosters

Stud Brazilian midfielder, Adriano (the one on the left), may be best known for his off the field antics… but there’s no denying he is one of the game’s elite. He just won’t be able to prove it in South Africa.

I am not a soccer fan, I am a World Cup fan. And as the greatest global sporting event draws near, some of the star players I have come to know and love through FIFA 2010 on PlayStation have been left off the world’s stage. Brazilians Ronaldinho and Adriano, two of games best ever, have been left off the squad, and Italy did not tap the resources of Luca Toni and Francesco Totti, two of the countries elite players. As they say in FIFA Ultimate Team, this is clearly an example where building the best team may not include just selecting the best players.

“It’s not about big names any more,” Dunga, the Brazilian skipper noted.

Nat ganna make this one, Chaz.

A notable exemption from the US squad is Charlie Davies, the rehabbing playing who was in a bone crushing car accident several months ago. Unfortunately, the US management feels he has not yet sufficiently recovered from his off the field injuries and it is possible that either Landon Donovan or Clint Dempsey, both with Premier League experience, could be moved forward to attack, but US coach Bob Bradley will likely admit, both players pose more of a threat off the wing were their explosive long shots and speed off the ball can be better utilized. Neither player is known for dominating defenders one on one, as is a requisite for a stud striker.

This will be how Beckham experiences the 2010 World Cup… all in all… I’d consider it a wash.

A notable injury that could help the US squad is the England’s limping Wayne Rooney who has been hindered by ankle and groin injuries. Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe will likely be forced to shoulder a bigger load with the gimpy Rooney being an uncertainty. (Universal celeb, David Beckham will have plenty of time to bend it into Posh as he was a notable exemption for the English squad.)

The US and England kick off against each other in exactly one month, June 12.

Get pumped.

Remember, you’re not a bandwagon fan if you’re a World Cup fan… because it only happens every 4 years.


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