Dale Scott Really Needed To Poop Yesterday Afternoon.

Quote of the day. David Ortiz, when asked why he didn’t watch a replay of his last at bat: “I don’t have to,’’ he said. “Thank God I wasn’t hitting righthanded because that would have hit me in the ribs.’’

The best part about that quote? He’s right. Not to down play the outing by Shawn Marcum, who is actually pretty good (especially against the Sox) but Dale Scott and his overwhelming desire to leave Boston (or get a snack, or poop, or play Call of Duty) was the reason that the Red Sox lost yesterday. After Marcum stymied them for seven innings and some nameless guy out of the bullpen shut them down in the eighth, the Red Sox finally had something going against Blue Jays closer Kevin Gregg.

The only problem with that was that it didn’t mesh with home plate umpire Dale Scott’s schedule. He had been calling a wide strike zone all day (just ask J.D. Drew, who struck out looking twice on pitches that were in another zipcode) and in the ninth it really got embarrassing.

This is a plot of the pitches that Dale Scott called for balls and strikes in the game yesterday. The red triangles are strikes thrown by Blue Jays pitchers, the squares were thrown by the Sox. Notice anything suspicious? Click to embiggen.

The Sox scored two in the ninth, around all of the bad calls, which were highlighted by the called third strike to which Otriz was alluding. Of course, Tito, all hopped up on Bigelow green tea, came out to give the ump a piece of his mind, but unlike normal, neither he nor Ortiz were tossed for arguing balls and strikes. If that doesn’t scream that the ump knew he missed the call to you I don’t know what does. Even after that, Scott called a strike on a check swing that Beltre clearly held up, and refused to get help from the first base ump. Tito finally got tossed for that one.

I’m not one to bitch about bad calls (o.k. maybe I am), but this one was a real stomach punch. The Sox very well could have won this game (or at least tied it) with a stirring comeback in the ninth, but for some horrible calls on pitches that were well out of the strike zone. The team is getting closer to where they should be, Ortiz is hitting .310 in May (.200 over all), Drew has brought himself back to respectability, and both the fifth and sixth starters gave us good performances over the last two days. This should be a rallying point, because the Sox should be back in third place. Eff Dale Scott.

(And I’m not going to mention Daisuke’s seven inning, 0 walk, 9 K performance the other night because every time I get excited about him he starts to suck again and remind me of why we’ve been complaining about him for the past three years. Just like the Bruins, who are done like dinner.)

Go Sox.


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