We Lost to the Royals? The Freaking Royals?

Just like the Sox losing to the Royals, some things should simply not be.

So it’s back to drinking heavily every time Matsuzaka starts. Or maybe just every other time. After sweeping the team the best record in baseball, the Red Sox come home and ride an absolute lack of timely hitting (other than Tek) and eight freaking walks by Dice-K “I’m great every second time out” Matsuzaka to a loss to the Royals, who don’t even win games with Zack Greinke on the mound. Matsuzaka was back to his wiggling ways, nibbling at the corners and refusing to throw any fastballs over the plate and challenge hitters. I’m done with him until he shows that he can be a real actual major league starter every time out, not every second or third. I’m kinda glad that I ruined his no-hitter.


I really don’t have anything good to say about this game, and the fact that I was driving to Jersey during it just made it worse. At least if I was at home I could have been witness to the magic of Kevin Millar returning to Boston to do shots on TV with Tom Caron and Jim Rice, before the three hours of frustration that followed. I can only imagine what will happen tonight if Victor can’t get himself back behind the plate because his toe hurts. The over/under on passed balls and wild pitches will be eleven for the Wakefield/Varitek battery.

I’m going to need a bigger bottle for this one. Thank god for open bar.

Go Sox.


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