A Little Entertainment Because Somebody Made The Horrible Decision to Have Memorial Day as an Off Day.

I'd want to hide my face if I was wearing that hat too, or if I had made this schedule.

In all truth, making the Major League Baseball schedule (81 home games per team, off days, travel days, rain dates, etc).must be the hardest thing to figure out since cricket, but didn’t it jump out to anyone at the Major League Baseball offices that the Boston Red Sox had an off day on Memorial Day? This is like the Yankees ending the 2008 season at Fenway when they could have just as easily switched the series to Yankee Stadium (the old, hellish one) to give the House That Ruth Built a proper sendoff, not have it sneak out the back door with a week left in the season against the Orioles. Nobody noticed it until it was here.

So to entertain you after the worst scheduled f#$%ing off day in history (and to help your erase the memory of the awful ice cream truck hats they all had to wear), I give you the funniest moment in sports…….. Mascot fights.

Enjoy tonight’s game, maybe the $82.5 million Lackey will show up instead of Jeff Suppan wearing his uniform again.

Go Sox.



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