I thought John Lackey Was Supposed to Be Really Good.

This was probably not a good pitch.

John Lackey must love Victor Martinez today. For the first time in Red Sox history, a catcher went 5-5, and four of those were doubles, as Lackey got his ass saved from another crapfest of an outing by the Red Sox Bats. Down 4-0 in the fifth, the offense woke up, in exactly the way that everyone was worried that they wouldn’t ever, and blasted back for a 9-4 win. Lackey struggled through six, giving up four runs on twelve hits (he’s super lucky that the A’s couldn’t get a clutch hit), and having his fourth straight bad outing.

Fear these men.

Fotunately for him, Victor decided that June will be his turn to dominate, going 5-5 with four doubles. This is huge, because if he starts to hit, and he hasn’t really this season, especially as a lefty, then the lineup becomes more dangerous and when other guys (like Ortiz) go on their normal slumps, he will be another bat to take some of the strain. Beltre also continued to be super hot, hitting a three run bomb and going 3-5 to bring his average up to .342. Seriously, for a guy who was brought in to play defense (which has been sparkling lately) .342 with six homers at this point is damn good. He’s been my guy all year and it seems that Boston is a good fit for him. Of course, Youk still couldn’t get out if he tried, going 2-4 and getting another walk. The rest of the boys chimed in doing their parts (including a hopefully slump busting eighth inning double from Pedroia) and the pen was solid.

Tonight we’ve got what should be a pretty good Matsuzaka on the mound, seeing as he stunk out the joint in his last outing. Over his last few starts he has literally been almost unhittable every other time out, and looked like Hideki Irabu the rest of the time. It’s that other time, so I’m looking for good stuff. Either way, I’m not going to be sober. Wogga Bear, CutFromLittleLeague, Jimmy Junk and I will be in attendance (right next to the visitors on-deck circle – this won’t be pretty) so he’d better be good, or it might get kinda drunk out.

Go Sox.



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