Holy Good Investment, Batman! Daisuke Matsuzaka Has Two Good Starts In A Row.

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It started a week ago, when Wogga Bear, Jimmy Junk, CutFromLittleLeague and I all went to the Sox game (thanks to DW for the ridiculous seats by the way) and after a rough first inning, Matsuzaka settled down and ended up going 6-2/3 giving up only those three first inning runs. We all knew he was going to pitch well, or at least well enough, because in his last start he had gotten shelled like Tokyo during Doolittle’s Raid (burn). He had been going on this pattern all season and so the 6-2/3 of good stuff was not a surprise.

The game itself was awesome. We had a nice chat with our new favorite non-Red Sox player, Kurt Suzuki, who was jawing with us during the pitching change in the seventh. Some guys who sat behind us gave us chicken (apparently they were former concessionaires) and there was an honest to God A’s fan who was actually from Franklin, MA. Needless to say, it was fun.

Following this impressiveness, I expected last night to be anything but more of the same. I thought maybe we’d get five out of him and he stay under the total implosion barrier, giving up six or so runs. Against the Indians, that might have been enough to win. That was all I was hoping for, but eight innings, zero runs and five Ks later, I was pleasantly surprised.

If only the real dice-k would reveal himself to the world, and not in that “you are going to prison” way, we might know what was going to happen with the team. If we could add Dice-K consistently to a dominant Buchholz and Lester, then that formidable threesome we planned on this spring  will have come to pass, albeit with a different makeup.

Tonight we’ve got Wake, who had better get his shit together and get us another win against the weakness of the AL before we have to deal with the horrible, ill begotten idea that is interleague play. Damn you, Bud Selig.


Go Sox.


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