Wake Up On Top of the Mountain

Just another reason he's the man.

The Celtics are not going to win and last night’s Sox game was about as exciting as selling insurance. They won at least, further distancing themselves from the Jays and staying close to the pinstriped assholes and Trampa.

The big news? Our Elder Statesman has finally surpassed Roger “pincushion” Clemens in Innings pitched in a Red Sox uniform. With 2777 innings (awesome number) Wake has now thrown more innings in a Boston Red Sox uniform than anyone in history. And it fits him.

Wake has been with the club since 1995, when Dan Duquette caught what the Pirates (when they were still recently good)  tossed out. He went 14-1 in the first half that year, and was in the discussion for the Cy Young award. He has done it all here, from starting to closing, and done it well. He is now 16 wins short of surpassing both Clemens and Cy Young for the all time lead, and he has two rings.

He was also the man on the mound in one of the most crushing moments of my life. Aaron F@#$ing Boone and his steroid induced homer (his brother did it). If it had been anyone else, anyone, they would not have been here the next spring. We could never have looked at anyone else the same after, but with Tim-Timmuh it was just another chapter.

Tim was also on the mound for one of the best moments, Game One of the Series one year later.

So lets celebrate Tim Wakefield for all he has done for us, including that time when he used rich Garces to plug up a cannon and stopped the alien invasion.

Oh, and Schilling was right. Strasburg is that good.

Go Sox.


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