If This is the Best the NL Has To Offer, Sign Me Up For More Interleague.

Cool Logo for a Bad Idea

After this weekend’s dismantling of the two time NL champ Phillies behind the all-star duo of Scott Atchison and Daniel Nava (not to diminish what they did; Nava can hit and Atchison saved us in a tight spot), and on the cusp of three against the NL worst D-Backs, I’m actually liking the idea of interleague this year. It still let’s the Yanks feast on teams like the Astros (poor Brad Mills) while the Sox have to face the Phils and then the NL west, the best division in the NL, but if that’s all the champs have then it might not be all bad.

Of course, my rose colored glasses may be affected by the fact that tonight the party rolls on with Arizona in town. Proud owners of nine (seriously) road wins on the season, only one pitcher with more than three wins and a GM who is already in the process of dismantling the team, these guys are ripe for the picking. Then again we said that about KC, Baltimore and Cleveland and now we’re .500 against that group.

Along with Nava leading off (Bill Hall is at short with Scutaro getting the night off after dealing with a nerve issue in his arm), we’ve got Buck on the hill tonight against old asshole Ian Kennedy, who wasn’t good enough to make it in New York. Remember when he got sent down to the minors by the Yanks and never came back? Yeah, this should be fun for Youk, Beltre, Pedey and the boys.

And I hear there’s something that may be parade related happening at 9. Go Celtics.

Go Sox.


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