Papelbon Blows a Save: These Things Happen.

Such A D Bag.

I’ve decided, after long and arduous contemplation, and watching Italy “France” themselves out of the World Cup (if they had shown the slightest bit of effort, Slovakia wouldn’t have scored the third goal and Italy might have moved on), I have decided that last night’s stomach punch of a Red Sox game needs to be let go.

No Old Ladies Slapping His Ass For This One.

Even the best closers in the world (which, by all statistical measure, Papelbon is one of) blow a save now and then. It just happened to come last night for Paps, who had been throwing the ball very well. It blows that it had to be Jason “I’m nowhere near as cool as I was in Oakland, but still suck way less than as a Yankee” Giambi to stick it to us, but it had to be someone, and better someone who is already so incredibly hateable. This does mean, however, that I have to like interleague a bit less because it no longer provides good eating for the Sox, and also because it reminded me that Jason Giambi is in fact still a baseball player, and not bouncing at the hottest night club in Bumfuck, Kentucky.

It’s actually kind of nice that I had this one down as a loss from the moment I saw the probable starters. I’m not saying that Lackey has been super bad (he’s still better than Burnett) but I have absolutely zero faith in the guy as a top tier stopper. A quality start out of him would be great, as opposed to the five spot that Colorado put up on him last night. The scary part is that he was more productive at bat, scoring what was the potential winning run after doubling off of Jimenez in the fifth.

Daniel Nava: Turns Out He's Really Good (13-34)

He was up against Ubaldo Jimenez, who is really that good, and just couldn’t show it against Danny Nava (best Red Sox ever) and Darnell McDonald. I was expecting two runs and maybe seven hits from the Sox, and a ho-hum, nothing special loss. Turns out I got a game where baseball’s best pitcher (other than Strasburg) took one on the chin for the first time all year but his team came back to kick us in the nuts.

Tonight we’ve got Daisuke back on the hill after his pretend DL stint, and it looks like we may have finally said Adios to Treebeard, as Mike Lowell hits the DL to replace him. I am really starting to wonder what in the hell this team could do if it was healthy at some point this season.

Go Sox.


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