An Admission of Guilt From a Proud Red Sox Fan.

A few days ago, our friend Katfish compared us here at the Ballpark to Bill Simmons. Often, this might have been a good thing, but he didn’t mean it that way. He wasn’t calling us good writers who effectively establish and support ideas using both logic and hilarious (sometimes) pop culture references, and on the other hand, he wasn’t calling us assholes who move to L.A., abandon the concept of being the “Boston Sports Guy” and completely ignore Baseball after writing a great book about it. No, he was referencing the fact that we have been MIA for the past two weeks or so (or for the better part of a month if you want to rub salt in the wound), the same way Simmons disappears when the NBA season ends.

I am sorry.

This is what he looked like in the minors, where he'll be soon enough, Theo willing.

There are times in your life when your “real” life gets in the way of your virtual life. It sucks, but this summer has been a tough time to get any writing done, and frankly, there is another reason. I’ve been so uninspired by these replacement Red Sox that it’s been more appealing to deal with women’s shoes (for serious) than to write about them. The lineup was stagnant, wasting quality starts left and right (with the rotation having returned to its fully dominating strength), and the ‘pen was giving up what meager leads that the offense did produce. Oh, and Corey Patterson’s little brother was truly ruining my life at multiple positions around the diamond.

Last night, however, was an entirely different story, with the exception of Pedroia (who has been running) and Ellsbury (still a pussy but now rehabbing in the minors), the lineup was intact. Danny Nava, Dusty Brown and all the other spare parts are long gone. There has even been a Jed Lowrie sighting and Mike Lowell is tearing things up in the minors (both of them are probably gone to get a reliever, we hope). Things are looking up.

Seeing a lineup that is actually dangerous one through six (until those other two guys get back and it’s one through eight, sorry Mike Cameron) is lightyears better than the crap that Tito has been forced to run out there in the past six weeks. I’m still convinced that with 62 games remaining and an eight game deficit, the division is within reach.

And we’ll be here, for the most part.

Go Sox.


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