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Day After Patriots’ Draft Picks Begin Arriving in Foxboro, Bill Puts Adalius’ Head on Fencepost Next to Weight Room.

The news out of Foxboro this morning is that outside linebacker Adalius Thomas has been cut from the Patriots. This opens a roster spot for one of the 12 drafted rookies (plus any additional undrafted rookie free agents, of which the Patriots are currently signing 6, 7 or 8 depending on who’s reporting.)

Adalius Thomas, on top, has a bit of a thing for bare midriffs, he explains to former asshole Jet, Brett Favre.

The Thomas move should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. Thomas signed a big huge 5 year deal in 2007 after Ray Lewis had inflated his stats for the 2 previous seasons. The word is Adalius just didn’t get and so an example was made of him. Personally, I’m wondering why we didn’t package him into a deal on draft day and get an additional 2nd rounder or multiple middle round picks… C’est La Vie.

Also, in the “It’s Never Too Early” category… The Patriots have two 1st Round picks and Two 2nd Round picks in 2011.

More to come on this years Patriot’s draftees and UDFAs as I sift through their police reports.




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Artificial Turf: Patriots Possum Dolphin’s Wildcat

There’s one thing about the Patriot’s preparation that you can pretty much bank on: The Patriots D will screw up your gameplan.

A well protected Brady lets one fly in Sunday's Dolphin hunt.

The Miami Dolphins went into Sunday’s game ranked in the top 5 of the NFL’s best rushing teams. Ronnie Brown has figured out how to run in the extra blocker formation and he’s even learned how to toss wounded ducks over the heads of unsuspecting defensive backs, ala when he dropped one in for a Six in the first half of Sunday’s affair… But for the most part, the Patriots contained each of the primary rushing threats, holding Ricky Williams to 33 yards on 7 carries and Brown to 48 on 15. The big rushing gash came in the form of former 2nd round draft pick Pat White who kept an option play for 33 yards.

So the game was forced into the incapable hands of Chad Henne, who isn’t very good, though he did find 219 passing yards on 19 of 34 attempts. (And Porter, of course, said nothing.)

Vontae Davis: Does this kind of thing.

The Pat’s offense was sufficient. Brady was iffy but serviceable (to Brady standards), throwing a pick and a Six over 332 yards. 147 of them went to Randy Moss including one absurdly awesome one-handed stab down the sideline over Miami’s standout rookie Dback Vontae Davis who took one away from Randy in the first quarter of play.

Lawrence Tip-Toes Maroney had a deceptively good stat line as well. 82 yards, 20 carries, one score. He just doesn’t hit the holes like a guy that wants yards. He had a couple good gains in the first half, got all pumped up for contact, and then as the game went on, he become more and more passive, and with the loss of Fred Taylor and the availability of the gay-bashing, wife-beating Larry Johnson, I start to wonder if there isn’t another rehab signing in the works.

Randy Moss: Does this kind of thing.

The game was won by the Patriots D. Safety Brandon McGowan lead the team with 8 tackles and a FF, a fully healthy Jerod Mayo had 7 tackles and rookie Dback Darius Butler contributed 6 tackles in his 3rd straight standout game. Even Adalius Thomas got in on the Sacktion (get it? get it?!?).

The Patriot’s began their November stretch with a big divisional win. The hardest month of the season will continue next week at the 8-0 Colts, then comes home for the J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS and then travels to the 8-0 Saints. 1 down, 3 to go.

(And I had HUGE fantasy week.)


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Artificial Turf: Belichick Outsmarts League Again…

Tullys pressence in the 3-4, especially on third downs, has been very productive; 13 Tackles and 3 Sacks on the year.

Tully's pressence in the 3-4, especially on third downs, has been very productive; 13 Tackles and 3 Sacks on the year.

Here’s a new rule for the 2011 season… in the making: No cuting and resigning at the trade deadline. In another move of perplexing brilliance, with the trade deadline fast approaching, the Patriots cut Eric Alexander and Tully Banta-Cain, both of whom were playing on 1-year, $600k deals, and told them they would be immediately resigned to multi-year extensions. They will adjust their salaries this year, probably to $400-450k this year and then $600-700k next year. What I THOUGHT was going to happen… given that this also cleared two roster spots, was that we were going to trade Adalius Thomas. But… we didn’t… we didn’t really do anything… so now I’m just confused.

Coming off an ass kicking in Foxboro last week, which was the most fun I’ve had in the snow yet this year, the Patriots take their show on the road, across the pond actually, to sunny London, where they sold out an entire stadium in 6 minutes. And I’m still left wondering… will Banta-Cain and Alexander be on the plane? Will Adalius Thomas be active? Will he start? Is Edleman’s injury serious? What will do to fill the void at WR?

Edelman has a broken arm... but Brady didnt do it.

Edelman has a broken arm... but Brady didn't do it.

All of these questions have no direct answers associated with them. With Tate coming off the PUP list, the team now has 21 days (more like 19 now) to evaluate if he’ll be ready to go this season. He’s an exciting talent with terrific upside who slipped in the draft due to an injury and the fact that he was apparently an asshole… which means he could be a great wide receiver.

And then, of course, there’s Brady. Don’t let his 6 TD performance against the Titans fool you into expecting him to do the same from here on out. The Pats have a great foul weather passing game because they have superior route running receivers… and when you play against a team form the south, and the receivers and quarter back now what the routes are and the linebackers and dbacks don’t, there is a huge advantage for New England. Brady is getting closer to form every week, and I think he’ll have a great game against the Bucs this weekend -(3 TDs, 1 INT)- but remember… it’s still just Trampa Bay playing defense.

The face of Bucs Nation...

The face of Bucs Nation...

The most exciting thing about last weeks snow bowl was the O line’s ability to protect. Vollmer is a beast and did a great job in the place of Matt Light, who will probably not be even considered for duty until an evaluation after the bye week.

So hang tough Patriots fans… even though the whole team probably hates it, it will be fun to watch them smoke the Bucs in another country.


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Artificial Turf: Lovin’ the Numbers

I love kicking any team from the state of New York’s ass. Although the score – 20-10 and only that close because the Bills got a late crap TD – didn’t quite reflect the total control of the game the Patriots possessed, it really was an ass kicking. Vince was a beast, anchoring the¬†middle of the line and making running up the gut essentially impossible. Mr. Seymour has visibly returned to true form after 3 straight injury plagued seasons and Ty Warren is the perfect compliment coming from the other edge (both players recorded a sack against the Bills on Sunday).

Ty Warrens 4th quarter sack added one more nail to Buffalos coffin.

Ty Warren's 4th quarter sack added one more nail to Buffalo's coffin.

Though I still hate them both, each of our “starting” corners had a pick (Ellis should have had 2) and Mariweather was great in down-field coverage. Several times, the Bills’ Trent Edwards was forced to throw underneath even after 5-7 seconds of protection because the coverage down-field simply would not deteriorate.

Unfortunately, no one noticed that Adalius Thomas left the field in the first half. Fox News is now reporting that he broke his arm and may miss the remainder of the regular season. (This is a huge loss, so please forgive the brief segway mention.) No one noticed that Adalius was not on the field because undrafted free-agent Gary Guyton filled in on the outside and 1st rounder Jerod Mayo continued to be a dominant force inside. It’s worth highlighting that Mayo has made himself a staple in the Pats starting LB rotation and has learned the schemes remarkably well. He’s shown a great nose for the ball, he’s fast, he hits hard and at the end of the game as the Bills were surging towards a last ditch effort, Mayo provided terrific pass coverage, 1-on-1, against a speedy receiver in the flat.

Faster than Tom Brady.

Matt Cassel: Faster than Tom Brady.

It was a great game to watch and an even better game to be at (PERFECT drinking-ouside weather). Cassel, once again, played great and most importantly, didn’t cost us the game. His ability to move (even ever so slightly) is a welcomed perk. He scrambled for 22 yards and was sacked only once on a play where he got a little too greedy and should have just taken the hit or fired the ball into the stands. So for the record, Cassel has continued to improve and has not been featured in any Stetson ads.

The other greatest part of the game was watching BJGE run the ball for 105 yards and a score. As I was watching our undrafted rookie free agent, I thought for a minute about Billy Beane.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis is pushed out of bounds after finding a seem along the sideline in the 3rd quarter en route to his first career 100-yard rushing game.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis is pushed out of bounds after finding a seem along the sideline in the 3rd quarter en route to his first career 100-yard rushing game.

Billy Bean goes to sleep at night underneath a poster of Matt Cassel and BenJarvus Green-Ellis. He dreams about Toyota hybrids, no-hitters thrown by rule 5 guys, touch down passes thrown by backup quarterbacks and 100 yard rushing games by undrafted rookies. It is, of course, baseball’s off-season, so he allows his mind to wander some in the winter months.

I started thinking about Billy because we’ve heard so much about salaries lately. Ronnie Brown of the Dolphins: $9.3 million; Steven Jackson of the Rams, $12 million; LT, San Diego, $5.7 million… Don’t get me wrong, those are some prime-time backs I’ve just mentioned, but it’s important to note the efficiency in which the Pats operate. BenJarvus Green-Ellis will pocket about $230,000 this year. So lemme throw out a little Billy Beane knowledge: Each one of Ronnie Brown’s 504 yards so far this season cost $18,452.23. Each one of BJGE’s 243 yards to date cost $946.50. Both of these figures will likely go down substantially as the season continues, the yards-accrued rise and the total salaries stay the same… but my point is clear: BenJarvus Green-Ellis is money well spent.

He’s a smart, talented player that does what he’s told and is therefore in a position to succeed. He runs with his head down, north and south, and almost always gets back to the line. in 26 touches yesterday, he was tackled only twice for a loss.

Even Shaughnessy likes the guy. A great quote from BJGE’s post-game remarks (which was also featured in Dan’s article today): “We don’t like negative plays. I just try to run and score touchdowns. The end zone is north-south – every end zone in America. I just try to keep my pads down, keep my legs moving, and just drive,” Green-Ellis said.

BJGE has scored in each of his first 4 games (still an active streak due to him being activated midway through the first half of the season.) The Pats record is at least one score through the first 7 games and was set by Curtis Martin.

The dogs-ass Jets and their Wrangler Jeans wearing QB (who has an incredible presence on my list of irrational hatred) come to town on Thursday. There aren’t enough days this week for Bill to punish the boys for their lack of tackling (you can’t arm-tackle NFL players even if you ARE an NFL player) so the criticism (both mine and Bill’s) will have to wait till Friday.

Im sorry... I just hate him so much.

I'm sorry... I just hate him so much.

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