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Day After Patriots’ Draft Picks Begin Arriving in Foxboro, Bill Puts Adalius’ Head on Fencepost Next to Weight Room.

The news out of Foxboro this morning is that outside linebacker Adalius Thomas has been cut from the Patriots. This opens a roster spot for one of the 12 drafted rookies (plus any additional undrafted rookie free agents, of which the Patriots are currently signing 6, 7 or 8 depending on who’s reporting.)

Adalius Thomas, on top, has a bit of a thing for bare midriffs, he explains to former asshole Jet, Brett Favre.

The Thomas move should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. Thomas signed a big huge 5 year deal in 2007 after Ray Lewis had inflated his stats for the 2 previous seasons. The word is Adalius just didn’t get and so an example was made of him. Personally, I’m wondering why we didn’t package him into a deal on draft day and get an additional 2nd rounder or multiple middle round picks… C’est La Vie.

Also, in the “It’s Never Too Early” category… The Patriots have two 1st Round picks and Two 2nd Round picks in 2011.

More to come on this years Patriot’s draftees and UDFAs as I sift through their police reports.




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Artificial Turf: Patriots Feeling Especially Randy

Feeling the love, baby.

One thing was clear when Coach Bill and QB Tom came to the public defense of Randy Moss: We need him. And yesterday, we got him. Moss contributed 3 TD scores on 4 receptions in the Patriots 35-7 romping of the Jax Jags. 13 of Brady’s 23 completions on 26 attempts went to Mr. Welker (who is crushing the league in receptions) and the good guys ran the ball by committee for 197 yards, led by Slammin Sammy Morris with 95 yards and a Six.

So my formula seems to be working: Rush for over 100, score more than 24, and protect the football. (Not a very original formula… but it sure does get the j-o-b done.)

The boys in blue are gearing up for their January run. Last year proved that all you need is a spark to push through the playoffs and the Pats are doing their best Cardinals impersonation as they look ahead. The best part about yesterday’s whoopin was the sideline attitude, they looked loose, and that’s what we need.

A man on a mission.

What we need to remember about Moss, getting back to the ordeal the national media made out of his 2 off-games, is that Randy Moss is only upset by one thing: losing. If you look back at the griping pattern of Randy’s career, it happens when he feels like the team isn’t doing all they can to win ball games… so of course he was a pain in the ass when he played for the Raiders. And frankly, when you compare our prima donna to the rest of the league’s Number 1 wide outs, Randy’s the one we want.

Cry your eyes out, cuz ya suck.

Another thing worth noting about yesterday’s events was the mail-it-in performance the sissy ponies (Colts) put up against the Jets. With no more unbeaten teams in the NFL, it sure does look from my seat like the Peytons had a chance to take a 25 game winning streak into the playoffs and now risk riding a 2 game losing streak and a bye week into January. It is thoroughly beyond my comprehension how you can tell a bunch of paid-professional competitors to just ease up and take lumps.

That's the game face we're lookin for... fa'sho!

So we start looking ahead… the AFC has 5 teams in the 8-7 club and through some incredibly complicated formula… it seems like any one of them may be a guest in Foxboro fo the wild card round. Currently, I’m optimistic, although being a New England fan, that may change 27 seconds from now.

I simply can’t bring myself to believe that the Bill/Brady combo can lose in the 1st round of the playoffs. We beat the Texans next week, we beat our first round opponent in the playoffs, and the poop-talking will begin again. That I can promise you. The Jets are in a win-and-you’re-in situation… and oh boy, I’d love to stuff it down their throats next month.

Go Pats.


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