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Day After Patriots’ Draft Picks Begin Arriving in Foxboro, Bill Puts Adalius’ Head on Fencepost Next to Weight Room.

The news out of Foxboro this morning is that outside linebacker Adalius Thomas has been cut from the Patriots. This opens a roster spot for one of the 12 drafted rookies (plus any additional undrafted rookie free agents, of which the Patriots are currently signing 6, 7 or 8 depending on who’s reporting.)

Adalius Thomas, on top, has a bit of a thing for bare midriffs, he explains to former asshole Jet, Brett Favre.

The Thomas move should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. Thomas signed a big huge 5 year deal in 2007 after Ray Lewis had inflated his stats for the 2 previous seasons. The word is Adalius just didn’t get and so an example was made of him. Personally, I’m wondering why we didn’t package him into a deal on draft day and get an additional 2nd rounder or multiple middle round picks… C’est La Vie.

Also, in the “It’s Never Too Early” category… The Patriots have two 1st Round picks and Two 2nd Round picks in 2011.

More to come on this years Patriot’s draftees and UDFAs as I sift through their police reports.




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Artificial Turf: 2010 NFL DRAFT EDITION; “Dolphins keeping up with the Jets,” Patriots in Deep Purgatoric Catatonisism.

This Fat Bitch has made his team a lot better.

As our divisional foes south and southerer of us continue acquiring pieces to their generally bettering puzzles, the Patriots remain mum in the free agent market. In New York, aging HOF fixtures Jason Taylor and LaDainian Tomlinson have been RexBeaten into Manhattan (their an effing team from New Jersey, why is nobody else offended by their ‘NY’ headline) and Miami has added Brandon Marshall in a deal with Denver (Marshall is like… crazy good.)

Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda. Just don't f#$%ing trade down.

But alas… the rust continues to build on the once prolific 2007 Patriots offense and the skills of the defensive additions continue to ebb and flow… lots wells, not enough swells. We did add Torry Holt to the receiving corps… The now 33 year old pulled in 51 balls in Jacksonville last year for 722 yards.

Tonight, finally, is the NFL Draft, the most exciting and most entertaining Professional draft. I love the new format and as we look ahead to tonight and tomorrow night in particular, I’ll be paying excruciating attention to Patriots picks… because we really need some Blue Chippers.

Belichick loves this guy. No Homo.

The Pats have the most picks in the AFC; enough to bring in an entire side of the ball, plus a kicker. (Twelve picks.) The 22nd overall and then three more in the 2nd round. No 3rd rounders but we have another surge of picks, seven, in the 6th & 7th round. Generally this wouldn’t mean squat, but even with the suck bags the Patriots have blown high picks on during the Belichickian Era, they are SNIPERS with their late round picks, Alla Julian Edelman… and Tom Baby Making Brady.

The Patriots last 5 First Rounders have been (off the top of my head… so in no particular order): Mankins, Maroney, Marriweather… Watson… and… Mayo. Mayo, Mankins and Merriweather are pretty freakin good, not to mention Big Vince Wilfork in 2004.

We need lots of those. And keep in perspective, as you watch tonight’s draft: This draft is waaaaaay deep. Almost every prospect slated to go in this year’s second round would have been solid late First Rounders last year. And we have 3 picks tomorrow night. So pay attention.


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Articifial Turf: Hard to Get Excited About Patriots Against Ravens…

The Texans' cheerleaders have talent, talent.... get it? get it? Cuz they're twins!

Frankly, I’m a little deflated by the Patriots week 17 loss to the Texans, if you’re gonna have Brady playing all four quarters, you may as well have the decency to win the freaking football game. Now the 10-6 AFC East winners host the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday, a team the Pats handed their first loss of the season to in week 4. Wes Welker had 6 catches that day, after missing the two previous games with a twisted knee.

Well... Welker's done for the year.

In the category of best position players not being mentioned as possible MVP candidates, Wes Welker is on top of the list. He has a league leading 123 catches, has gone over 1300 yards receiving, has only played 3/4 of a season and has become the focal point of the Patriots offense. He is currently out for the rest of eternity with a torn MCL and a torn ACL, an injury that occurred in the first half of last Sunday’s game against the Texans. Ouch.

Most unfortunately, it was a non-contact injury caused by one of the worst fields in the NFL that had just hosted a crappy college bowl game between Navy and Missouri. Their field is basically a lot of rectangular plates of grass that can be moved in and out of the Stadium itself, apparently, Belichick had some words about it for WEEI:

Belichick's new T Shirt

“The turf down there is terrible,” Belichick said. “It’s terrible. It’s just inconsistent. It’s all the little trays of grass, and some of them are soft and some of them are firm and they don’t all fit well together, those seams. Some of it feels like a sponge, some of it feels real firm and hard. One step you’re on one, the other step you’re on another. I really think it’s one of the worst fields I’ve seen.”

So there, Houston: Eff You and your crappy field.

Nice guys finish last.

All this being the case, the Patriots now look to the playoffs without their most productive offensive player, only a decent running game, no shut-down corner, no fire-breathing pass rusher, and an all around unexciting chance of winning the big one in Miami, the city where class goes to die.

As far as calling the game, I’m flip-flopping. On one hand, the Ravens have a better running game and a better defense, on the other hand I just can’t bring myself to think Brady and Belichick will lose in the first round of the playoffs.

More to come on the issue.

StartMattCassel, 2008 & 2009 NFL Gambling Champion and Master of Picks


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Artificial Turf: Patriots discuss Larry Johnson

Suck on that, rest of the NFL.

According to Coach Belichick, Larry Johnson was an item on the agenda as the coaches, players and personnel returned to the practice facilities yesterday after Sunday’s grinder with the Miami Dolphins.

The coach had this to offer to the Boston Media: “Our pro people go through the guys that are available … it’s not just about one guy,” explained Belichick. The Patriots, like all teams, perform due diligence on available players. They’re not likely to be interested in a bad seed like Johnson.”

So, the fair question is: What’s with all the hype?

First of all, the fuss: I gather that he used gay slurs on Twitter and recently when he was brushing off a bunch of reporters after a Chiefs game. A 10,000+ signature petition was submitted to Chiefs GM, our old pal Scott Peoli, calling for the release of Larry Johnson, which is, initofitself a little gay, but the reasoning of the fans was brilliant. According to the petition:

“We are asking you, as fans of this team, this organization, and of the pride that this city has in the Chiefs, please deactivate Larry Johnson. Please do not let his name sit atop the all-time rushing leaders in Kansas City Chiefs history. He needs a mere 80 yards to surpass Priest. He doesn’t deserve that opportunity.”

Insert hysterical gay joke here

Props to the fans of KC for keeping it about sports.

All that being said, LJ posted 2 consecutive 1,700+ yard rushing seasons in 2005 & 2006 but has declined steadily since, battling several par-for-the-course injuries expected in a hard-runner-running-back’s career. And he will turn 30 before the end of the month.

What makes the Patriots a good fit for “King Pink,” a nickname some in the KC gay & lesbian community have adorned him with (hysterical), are the same things that made us a good fit for Fred Taylor; limited but deliberate touches, ample rest, a winning team, a kick-ass 0-line and a championship locker room that wouldn’t divide for Moses.

Looking forward to how the unrestricted free agent’s season will unfold. He cleared waivers over the weekend.


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2009 Week One Patriots Roster

BJGE, cruising. The only uncertainty is that the Pats are carrying only 2 QBs right now and 5 RBs. I really hope Green-Ellis isnt one of those pre season Bellicheckian sacraficial ritual things.

BJGE, cruising. The only uncertainty is that the Pats are carrying only 2 QBs right now and 5 RBs. I really hope Green-Ellis isn't one of those pre season Bellicheckian sacrificial ritual things. Cuz that does happen


Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis made the team.

Gary Guyton, 2nd year undrafted free agent, took the Bruschi spot.

We only have 2 QBs.

Very horizontal on the D line. I.e. Lots of “goods,” need a standout “great.”

We have 3 players from Navy on Military reserve… which is just cool. Basically we just signed Navy’s 3 best graduating players and then they went off to serve. That’s cool.

Here’s the link for the full printable version: http://www.patriots.com/team/index.cfm?Print=yes&ac=Rosters&SortResults=3&SortDirection=ASC&pn=1

Defensive backfield still sucks real bad.


Obviously, hes on my fantasy team.

Obviously, he's on my fantasy team.

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Artificial Turf: It was only pre-season… so let’s just practice saying:

“Suck on that, New York.”

G-D Damn that felt good.

Tom Brady, playing the role of: The Shit Eating Grin.

Brady, playing the role of: The Shit Eating Grin.

The most compelling pre-season in the last decade concluded for us last night with a terrific second stringer victory over the Giants. This was without a doubt the best and most engaging pre season I can remember, there were four games that I watched: Brady’s return, Vick’s Return, Cutler vs. Denver and last night’s game against the Giants. It was easy to watch last night cuz you could flip back and forth between the Sox and the Pats… and the Pats game was interesting because they gave up 21 points in the first Q, which is OK to do in preseason, and then we got to see some terrific second string resolve and poise by a bunch of players trying to scrap their way onto the 53 man roster.

There are three topics that stand out to me as the last remaining points of evaluation before the actual season kicks off in Foxboro a couple Mondays from now… Second String QB situation, Running Back situation, how badly our defense looks right now.

(Before I do that I would like to digress for just a moment to address the Oregon/Boise St. punching incident. Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount was on his way off the field when Boise State’s Byron Hout taps him on the shoulder and shouts something to the affect of, and it’s OK to swear because it’s a quote, “Fuck Ya, Baby!” and then taunted Blount by jumping up and down around him. Keep in mind this was after the game… when you should be done with your shit talking. So what happens next? Blount lands a cross on Hoyt’s chin and sends his shit talking ass to the turf. A guy who deserved to get popped on the chin… got popped on the chin. Blount should get suspended for 2 games and Hoyt should get one game for taunting. If you talk shit after a game, the possibility should exist that you will get what’s coming to you… a haymaker.)

By I digest.

Undrafted Rookie Free Agent and new Patriots backup QB, Brian Hoyer takes some first quarter heat before settling in to manage the Patriots comeback.

Undrafted Rookie Free Agent and new Patriots backup QB, Brian Hoyer takes some first quarter heat before settling in to manage the Patriots comeback.

Second String QB: Hoyer. He proved last night, by remaining composed, not turning the ball over and only taking a handful on negative plays, that he’s the number 2 guy. He weathered some early game pressure from the Giant’s front 7 (they played their starters for about 8 minutes… i think just to get the lead… sissies) and then was able to settle in and go about 18 for 25 on 240+ yards and a score. Done texted me this morning to note that he was 2007CasselEsque; I quite agree.

Banjo's NFL career ended amisdts a host of steroid allegations.

Banjo's NFL career ended amidst a host of steroid allegations.

The reason we continue to have young backup QB’s instead of older Vets is because we need empty vessels that Bill can completely mold to our system… ala Matt Cassel. You can’t teach old dogs new tricks… especially when they are quarter backs. I of course realize the irony of this statement because to assume that a dog of any age could be a QB is simply ridiculous. They can’t grip the ball because they have no thumbs, to say nothing of the language barrier.

Running Back: Let me just quell a little debate by stating these facts as a given: Fred Taylor is our #1 back, Lawrence Maroney is our #2 back and The Always Improving Kevin Faulk is our 3rd Down back. This leaves room for one more back on the 53 man

BJGE is a totaly beast.

BJGE is a total beast.

roster… and after watching BenJarvis Green-Ellis last night, a name I know you all remember from last season, Sammy Morris may be the odd man out. BJGE got the most action this preseason and averaged an astonishing 5.1 yards per carry. But that is insignificant when compared to this fact: Guys who play like BJGE make Bill Belichick’s team. He runs down hill, he’s built like a fire hydrant (which is a quote I lifted from WEEI this morning), and he does anything and everything he is asked. Not to mention a tri of TDs and 125 yards on the ground last night. For second and third string players, it isn’t just how well you perform, its more about how well you fill the role assigned to you, and that last bit is all about how well you can be coached. I think Green-Ellis has played his way onto this season’s roster.

50 bucks if you can tell me who this guy is...

$50 if you can tell me who this guy is...

Our Crappy Defense: Our defense is crappy. Man I miss that Vrabel guy. Our secondary is too loose, Chung has shown ZERO signs of life from our first selection in this year’s draft and Shawn Springs has been roughed up and generally unavailable. I can only hope that Marriweather continues his improvement (which he has) and that Darius Butler, the rookie starter from UConn, will be as good as we think he can be today. No matter how you slice it… we lack a tough guy.

Bruschi’s departure puts the heat on Jerod Mayo and Mr. Thomas to lead the complex defense and Gary Guyton to step up and fill that roving Bruschi role. I’m Also personally looking to our old hometown favorite, Tully Banta-Cain to step up as an OLB/DE swinger.

So here we go. Next game is for real. Monday night, under the lights at Foxboro.

Season Predictions:

Moss: 1,050 yards receiving and 17 TD receptions.

Welker: 107 receptions

Taylor: 9 rushing TDs

Brady: 51 TD passes

Super Bowl Champs. No Question. Talk all you want, don’t worry about a jinx, book your rooms in Miami.



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Artificial Turf: At it Again! Pat’s Off Season Training Begins.

As always, Bill and the staff are out evaluating the new squad.

As always, Bill and the staff are out evaluating the new squad.

Off season Training Activities got underway at the start of this week. OTA’s are a way to bring in the rookies and new teammates to jump them up to speed on the complicated systems before mandatory camps start. Media hasn’t been allowed in yet, but the cameras and (real) sports writers will be let in tomorrow. I look forward to reading the reports and then funneling them into my own opinions for you.

The notable facts so far are the players that went into camp early. All the rookies, of course, and they will not be permitted to speak to the press tomorrow, per team rules, but we should all look forward to hearing from Fred Taylor. He’s like the Sean Casey of the Patriots. Not that he’s an old first baseman… he is a team-first player, only cares about winning, and is a terrific professional locker room presence. Great addition. Buy his jersey.

Line backers Tully Banta-Cain and Shawn Crable -who was injured for a huge portion of last season after a promising start- were both present and joined by defensive back Tank Williams, a former college linebacker, I might add. Veteran tight end Alex Smith participated as well. In total, 48 players reported and former Kent State QB Julian Edelman worked out with receiver groups and the word is he looked pretty confident on the field.

More to come as the reports continue to stream from Foxboro.


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