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Blprk Txts: Celtics Are Dangerously Close to Bruining My Summer.

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Blprk Txts: Bruins Pull a Yankee.

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Dale Scott Really Needed To Poop Yesterday Afternoon.

Quote of the day. David Ortiz, when asked why he didn’t watch a replay of his last at bat: “I don’t have to,’’ he said. “Thank God I wasn’t hitting righthanded because that would have hit me in the ribs.’’

The best part about that quote? He’s right. Not to down play the outing by Shawn Marcum, who is actually pretty good (especially against the Sox) but Dale Scott and his overwhelming desire to leave Boston (or get a snack, or poop, or play Call of Duty) was the reason that the Red Sox lost yesterday. After Marcum stymied them for seven innings and some nameless guy out of the bullpen shut them down in the eighth, the Red Sox finally had something going against Blue Jays closer Kevin Gregg.

The only problem with that was that it didn’t mesh with home plate umpire Dale Scott’s schedule. He had been calling a wide strike zone all day (just ask J.D. Drew, who struck out looking twice on pitches that were in another zipcode) and in the ninth it really got embarrassing.

This is a plot of the pitches that Dale Scott called for balls and strikes in the game yesterday. The red triangles are strikes thrown by Blue Jays pitchers, the squares were thrown by the Sox. Notice anything suspicious? Click to embiggen.

The Sox scored two in the ninth, around all of the bad calls, which were highlighted by the called third strike to which Otriz was alluding. Of course, Tito, all hopped up on Bigelow green tea, came out to give the ump a piece of his mind, but unlike normal, neither he nor Ortiz were tossed for arguing balls and strikes. If that doesn’t scream that the ump knew he missed the call to you I don’t know what does. Even after that, Scott called a strike on a check swing that Beltre clearly held up, and refused to get help from the first base ump. Tito finally got tossed for that one.

I’m not one to bitch about bad calls (o.k. maybe I am), but this one was a real stomach punch. The Sox very well could have won this game (or at least tied it) with a stirring comeback in the ninth, but for some horrible calls on pitches that were well out of the strike zone. The team is getting closer to where they should be, Ortiz is hitting .310 in May (.200 over all), Drew has brought himself back to respectability, and both the fifth and sixth starters gave us good performances over the last two days. This should be a rallying point, because the Sox should be back in third place. Eff Dale Scott.

(And I’m not going to mention Daisuke’s seven inning, 0 walk, 9 K performance the other night because every time I get excited about him he starts to suck again and remind me of why we’ve been complaining about him for the past three years. Just like the Bruins, who are done like dinner.)

Go Sox.


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Picture Perfect Return for Savard, if your picture includes losing Sturm for 8 months with a torn ACL & MCL

Just a day after the Bruin’s Marc Savard returns to action after missing over a month with a grade 2 concussion, he lifts the B’s past the Flyers of Philadelphia in a 5-4 overtime Playoff Win that nearly brought the TD BankNorth Garden to the ground. The NHL Has even already fashioned a truly Junior-Varsity Playoff Commercial out of it on YouTube:

Unfortunately, about 65 minutes earlier… this happened:

What looked like a very sissy phantom hip-check by Marco Sturm was actually all of the important ligaments in his legs tearing apart from one another, and the bone, and the pain, and he’s out for months…

Almost every Boston Sports team is playing tonight, Playoff Basketball, Playoff Hockey and regular season baseball (the Orioles have 7 wins this season, and 4 of them came from the suckbag Red Sox). Since clearly, the Red Sox need the most help, I will be hoping the weather holds so that I can cheer them on this evening in person, perhaps they just need some new energy.

The aging Celtics, whose locker room looks like an assisted living center, take the floor against LeBron Marino James and the Cleveland Favaliers. And really… just whack him on the elbow and take James out for the Series… Maybe Shawn Thortnon is available for a little cross-athletic promotion…

That’s all I can muster for now… it’s grey out, it’s too hot to sleep… but at least Aaron Hernandez hasn’t called my cellphone yet… so I’m pretty sure he’s been staying out of trouble.


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Walkoffs Have Style, But Don’t Get Carried Away With Yourself.

That was awesome.

I’ll be the first to admit that the Sox second straight walkoff win, paired with the most exciting hockey game I have seen since the Olympics, was really really fun. This mini-streak, however, is not enough to distract me from the fact that this team is still looking kind of shaky. Tuesday’s Darnell McDonald fueled win did a lot to make me feel better and allowed me to wonder how they (and the Bruins) were going to win, not how they were going to fall apart.

That Was Not Good.

That said, there is a lot to question with how this team is playing. The starters all, except Buchholz, have ERAs above five and a quarter, and Buchholz has given up five unearned in his 10 innings. There have been flashes of brilliance, but nothing as to what we were lead to believe we were going to see this spring. The bullpen hasn’t been sterling either. Bard, Papelbon and Okajima were on point last night, giving up one hit in five innings of work, including two each from Paps and Bard, but beyond them, nobody has really been all that reliable. They all have that Rudy Seanez vibe to them,  and with the offense not exactly lighting things up, they will have far less room for suckitude.

Remind me again why Scutaro is better at $6 million than this guy at three.

The defense, which was supposed to be dazzling and save mad runs for the team, is now tied for 13th in the majors in both fielding percentage (.983) and errors (10 in 15 games). Guys that were brought in specifically for their defense, like Scutaro, Cameron and Beltre, all have errors, and Scutaro has been, in the short sample, another continuation of the curse of Nomar. Just so everyone knows, Alex Gonzalez is hitting .284 with five home runs in Toronto, while still playing his customary gorgeous defense. Ask Buchholz how much he misses that.

O.K. J.D, now all you have to do is bring your average above .150. You Suck.

There are still no guarantees about the offense either. While scoring 15 runs in the past two nights is definitely a big upgrade over what we saw this weekend, J.D. Drew (who responded to my heckling from the stands on Tuesday by coming up big last night), David Ortiz, Mike Cameron and Bill Hall all have sucked, and Pedroia is the only guy on the team who is hitting over .300 (.306). The lone truly bright spots have been Youk’s .358 OBP and .840 OPS (which make his .250 average look much better) and the fact that Darnell is 3-5 with two bombs, four RBI and is slugging 1.800.

Enjoy the past two nights, root for Buck to get some defense and give us a quality start, and have faith. Remember that there is still a lot of work to be done, 147 games to be played, and one first baseman to be pried away from the Padres. Sox play at 7:10 and the NFL draft starts at 7:30 (more on that from SMC later).

Go Sox.


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Bruins Fans Claim Successful Series

Bruins win Game 2 against the Sabres.

Bruin's Captain Zdeno Chara, the giant wearing a full cage to protect a broken nose, celebrates his game 2 goal with teammates Recchi and Bergeron.

They won’t be swept.


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Jeremy Hermida is My Spirit Animal.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand  we’re back. After an early season series loss to the Yanks, SMC and I decided that we needed some way to figure out what our path through this season was to be. So we went on a vision quest. While it took us away from you, our loyal and loving readers (all four of you), it helped us to figure out exactly what the hell was happening in Boston Sports.

With help from our Spirit Guides, these are some of the things we picked up:

The Sox should give Hermida a shot at being an every day DH before they give one to Lowell. The team knows that, one way or another, Lowell is gone after this season (even if he is not traded in the mean time, he has said that he is likely to retire). With Ortiz flagging, that leaves Hermida, a former first round pick who is hitting very well in limited action so far (5-14, 1.186 OPS, 3-RBI two out double yesterday) to be the guy who steps in for him. Don’t get me wrong, I think Ortiz still has some gas left in the tank (as evidenced by his 29 homers and 99 RBI in only four months of usefulness last year), but having a backup plan for more than this year is a good idea and that is clearly not Mike Lowell. Hermida should get a shot.

The bullpen will be fine, as long as Manny Delcarmen is not given a larger role. He’s a local guy, and apparently a good guy, but he doesn’t get the job done. While guys like Ram-Ram (who gave up a meaningless three run bomb to some nameless Royal over the weekend) and Oki (who has already walked three) have bad outings on occasion, even bad streaks, they are the exception, not the rule. With Delcarmen it’s the other way around, to me at least, and when he comes in and pitches well, I am surprised. If Francona can use those two guys wisely, along with Schoenweis, without leaning on them too much and overworking them, he’ll be able to bridge the inning or two between the starters and Pap nicely.

Not Ready for Prime Time Player.

Which brings me to my next point. Daniel Bard is clearly not ready. All of you people out there who have been screaming for the Sox to trade Papelbon and his 38 saves last season because this kid throws 100 and is the next big thing are wrong. Yes, he may develop into a first class closer, but he’s not there yet, and he’s definitely not ready to close the door for a championship contender. He throws 100, but without a complimentary pitch to match that, hitters will be sitting dead red and the ball will end up going home with some fan. His changeup hasn’t been fooling people and his curve is not developed to the point where he can get strikes with it consistently. Once he has something else for hitters to be looking for, that 100 mph heater will be a much more effective weapon. The same thing is why Papelbon had some struggles last year (he still only blew three saves). He stopped being able to get his splitter over for strikes and hitters were looking for the fastball.

We were also reminded that there are other sports in the region, though they have all taken a back seat to anything the Sox do. I’ve become convinced that the Celtics are going to make a first round exit this season. They are going to face D-Wade and El Heat in the first round and all season the top players in the league have torched them in big situations. By the way, Wade is the new Allen Iverson (wore a Red Sox cap while talking about practice), without the convictions and off the court stuff.

Taylor Hall will look great holding up another cup in black and gold. Someday.

The Bruins, on the other hand, actually have some things to be excited about. In the last few weeks they have been playing better, acting like a team and even moved up to grab the sixth spot in the playoffs. There is a legit shot that a big performance by Tuukka can steal a round for the B’s, and with the way the rest of the team has been acquitting themselves lately, it will at least be an exciting first round matchup with Olympic hero Ryan Miller and the Sabres. The real excitement comes with the completion of the draft lottery the other day. The B’s are guaranteed to get either Talyor Hall or Tyler Seguin. Both of them are NHL ready and will be a big help next year to an offense that has been the second lowest scoring in the league this year. I kinda know what it would have felt like for the Celtics to have gotten one of the top two picks in 2007 and gotten either Oden or Durant (Oden has been a bust, but it was exciting to be thinking about getting him).

It’s good to be back. Wakefield takes the mound at 1, so fake sick, drink some ipecac, or moon your boss, because we have day baseball and it’s warm and sunny in Minnesota.

Go Sox.



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