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Artificial Turf: We were 11-5 last season?

I remeber him having 400 yards and 3 touchdowns per game... At least.

This year’s Patriots team hasn’t quite been the offensive juggernaut I was sortof hoping for… and trading away our best defensive end in return for futures didn’t really elevate the play of our young defense. That being said, Bill’s boys are on top of the division after limping to a 9 and 5 record with 2 games to go… and they aren’t gimmies. No games are gimmies for this team, as evidenced by the boring 17-10 win over the Buffalo Bills.

I just want you to catch the ball... more.

Randy moss had ONE score in 5 catches for 70 yards… and two other attempts that could’ve been huge but weren’t, and Welker was held to a very pedestrian 40 yards on 4 receptions… but there was just no explosion on the offensive side of the ball… nothing that stood out as a factor that other teams need to contend with. This limpalong football has left us wanting more… and all around the league other teams are solidifying their identities…while here in NEW ENGLAND I would be terrified to play the Raiders… or the other left coast team, Whom the Bengals had to matchup against this past weekend on the coattails of a real team tragedy.

By the time I had seen the coverage on Sports Center about Chris Henry, they were reporting that he was in critical condition after falling out of the bed of a pick-up truck following a “domestic dispute” between Henry and his fiance. They reported that Henry was on life support with critical injuries and he was surrounded by his family. Later that morning, when the timeline had been pieced together, I learned he had died earlier, prior to the live reports I saw.

Chris Henry with his family.

In 55 games, the mentally plagued Henry amassed 21 touchdown catches in 55 games over 5 NFL seasons, all with Cinci. He was a long 6foot4 body with good breakaway speed; a constant deep threat. He was also arrested a couple times, bitched in the locker room and was a general pain in the ass for 4 years. (Total wide receiver.)It’s also worth noting that he was falsely accused a couple of times too… Henry was really taken in by a downward spiral and I tend to root for people who fuck up for a little while and then become awesome.

The tragedy in all of this is that it seems from all accounts, player and personnel alike, that he has turned his life around and that was supported by a terrific season, shortened by IR due to broken arm suffered in a win against Baltimore. And of course… the fact that it seemed to be a completely senseless accident. He was 26, like me.


And yet the show must go on, which it did in San Diego where the Bengals fell to the Chargers ona game ending drive engineered by the flaming Philip Rivers.

The patriots continue this week by hosting the Jaguars. Its kindof a must win… if only to build momentum.



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