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A Tribute to a Fallen Enemy.

George M Steinbrenner III died this morning.

The man who was the face of an organization that allowed my asshole Yankees fan cousins to torture me for the first 22 years of my life is gone. Steinbrenner put up the ridiculous amounts of money to buy World Series titles and all of the best players. I should be dancing in the streets. Naked.

But I’m not.

I’m actually sad. Sure, Steinbrenner was a blood sucking whore who paid for titles, but he was also a great philanthropist whose name was on the children’s wing of the hospital in which he passed. He was a the perfect enemy for a young kid: He spent money, won titles and dressed well (if you’re a turtleneck kinda guy), but mostly he just wasn’t our guy. Growing up and seeing his antics, from the Winfield event to the old film of him yelling at Billy Martin, made me hate him, but still be a little bit jealous that he wasn’t our owner.

Either way, the country is mourning as tonight’s All-Star Game is played out with his Yankees holding the best record in baseball (assclowns). I’m sure he’ll be watching from somewhere with a smile on his face.

Well, George, at least you made it interesting.

Back tomorrow with midseason list #789. Yeah, they are on all the other sites, but you like us better.

Go Sox.


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