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Blame It on the Rain, or Go Eff Yourself, It was a Crappy Tuesday Night in Baltimore.

You Suck Tonight........Next!

You Suck Tonight........Next!

Yeah, that was not a fun game. It was a complete meltdown by our bullpen in a game that we lead 10-1 and ended up losing. But other than the fact that I’m not going to watch SportsCenter today or read the globe other than the, you know, “real news,” it’s not going to affect me that badly. The bullpen, which, I remind you, is the best in the Majors, melted down on a night when they were asked to pitch five innings and when they were tired from two weeks of goddamn interleague. That plus we lost our third baseman to the DL for the next two weeks. Blame it on the Rain.

Smoltz looked great, not dominant, but better than anyone else's fourth guy

Smoltz looked great, not dominant, but better than anyone else's fourth guy

Of course, there were bright spots (and I will enumerate them because I am such a cheery person). First and foremost was our new friend, John Smoltz. He had thrown 53 pitches through four innings of one run ball and seemed to be getting stronger. His command was there, and he was pitching just as well as we had hoped when we signed him last winter. If not for the rain, he wouldn’t have had to come out, easing the strain on the bullpen and lessening the chance of a meltdown, as well as leaving them fresh for the rest of the week. Blame it on the Rain.

Jeff Bailey, who replaced Lowell on the roster, was 3-4 with three runs scored and a triple in his return from the minors. Youk was 3-5 with a double and a homer. Ells had his fifth homer of the year. Even Lugo had a decent game, getting on base in the ninth with a chance to tie the game, but it’s still his fault for even being in the lineup (I’m serious, I get the Rudy Seanez feling every time he plays, and we just win when Green starts). But it was all for naught.

But just relax all of you people who are going to comment on here that the Sox aren’t as good a we think. It’s not football, or any other sport with a short season. This was one game out of 162, we are still leading the best division in baseball with the best record in the AL, and we have done all this without hitting on all cylinders for a single game all season. Does anyone want to face this team in October? No, because the pen is (normally) unhittable, the starters are deeper than even we thought, and we have one of the top four lineups out there.

Don’t worry, just Blame it on the Rain

Best. Video. Ever.

Go Sox.




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