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Beckett to DL, But The Rest of The Red Sox Haven’t Given Up.

Try to tell Youk that the season is over, and he might just stare at you so hard that your head explodes.

I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t watch the game either of the past two nights. I was convinced that nothing good could come from two games in the Bronx after the complete failure to show up in Detroit (but hey, at least we aren’t from Detroit), and of course, there was a Pearl Jam concert to distract me. Last night I was simply demoralized after the testicle wrenching manner in which Monday night’s game ended and decided that my time would be better spent watching Lost.

"Excuse me, waiter? This is not what I ordered. Please take it back and don't spit on my food."

So it is with that said that I am actually starting to believe that this team isn’t just better than their record (they are, and they’ve just been sucking lately; by lately I mean all season) but also has some fight in it. Down 5-0 for the second night in a row, the Sox came back again to take the lead, and this time they held on, even if they can’t prevent runs (Marco is not bad, he’s just suffering from the curse of Nomar). They battled back after losing their $68 million “ace” (on the 15-Day DL with Back Spasms/Sand in Vagina) and with the weight of the previous night’s loss hanging over them.


Sure, there’s Mike Lowell becoming a child and asking for his release when he didn’t get the start against Sabathia (a fat lefty) last night over Ortiz, who is only hitting .367 this month, and there’s Timmmmmmay Wakefield, another disgruntled elder statesman of this team, who was not happy about being shuttled to the bullpen, but last night showed me that, no matter how disjointed the clubhouse is, Pedroia and company aren’t going to give up on any game, ever. The fact that Jeremy Hermida turns into David Ortiz circa 2004 whenever he comes up in a big spot has definitely helped (imagine where we’d be without him).

It doesn’t get easier, with the Twins in town (anyone for a rain out and double header?) and then trips to Philly and Trampa before the calendar ticks to June. Two thirds of the outfield is still out, the bullpen is about as reliable as Hugh Heffner’s dick without Viagra and the fans are starting to revolt. There will come a point when this team needs to make a run, and a f#$%ing epic one, but just to see some fight from them amongst the carnage is a good sign.

Buchholz vs. the Twins at 7:10.

Go Sox.



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Jeremy Hermida is My Spirit Animal.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand  we’re back. After an early season series loss to the Yanks, SMC and I decided that we needed some way to figure out what our path through this season was to be. So we went on a vision quest. While it took us away from you, our loyal and loving readers (all four of you), it helped us to figure out exactly what the hell was happening in Boston Sports.

With help from our Spirit Guides, these are some of the things we picked up:

The Sox should give Hermida a shot at being an every day DH before they give one to Lowell. The team knows that, one way or another, Lowell is gone after this season (even if he is not traded in the mean time, he has said that he is likely to retire). With Ortiz flagging, that leaves Hermida, a former first round pick who is hitting very well in limited action so far (5-14, 1.186 OPS, 3-RBI two out double yesterday) to be the guy who steps in for him. Don’t get me wrong, I think Ortiz still has some gas left in the tank (as evidenced by his 29 homers and 99 RBI in only four months of usefulness last year), but having a backup plan for more than this year is a good idea and that is clearly not Mike Lowell. Hermida should get a shot.

The bullpen will be fine, as long as Manny Delcarmen is not given a larger role. He’s a local guy, and apparently a good guy, but he doesn’t get the job done. While guys like Ram-Ram (who gave up a meaningless three run bomb to some nameless Royal over the weekend) and Oki (who has already walked three) have bad outings on occasion, even bad streaks, they are the exception, not the rule. With Delcarmen it’s the other way around, to me at least, and when he comes in and pitches well, I am surprised. If Francona can use those two guys wisely, along with Schoenweis, without leaning on them too much and overworking them, he’ll be able to bridge the inning or two between the starters and Pap nicely.

Not Ready for Prime Time Player.

Which brings me to my next point. Daniel Bard is clearly not ready. All of you people out there who have been screaming for the Sox to trade Papelbon and his 38 saves last season because this kid throws 100 and is the next big thing are wrong. Yes, he may develop into a first class closer, but he’s not there yet, and he’s definitely not ready to close the door for a championship contender. He throws 100, but without a complimentary pitch to match that, hitters will be sitting dead red and the ball will end up going home with some fan. His changeup hasn’t been fooling people and his curve is not developed to the point where he can get strikes with it consistently. Once he has something else for hitters to be looking for, that 100 mph heater will be a much more effective weapon. The same thing is why Papelbon had some struggles last year (he still only blew three saves). He stopped being able to get his splitter over for strikes and hitters were looking for the fastball.

We were also reminded that there are other sports in the region, though they have all taken a back seat to anything the Sox do. I’ve become convinced that the Celtics are going to make a first round exit this season. They are going to face D-Wade and El Heat in the first round and all season the top players in the league have torched them in big situations. By the way, Wade is the new Allen Iverson (wore a Red Sox cap while talking about practice), without the convictions and off the court stuff.

Taylor Hall will look great holding up another cup in black and gold. Someday.

The Bruins, on the other hand, actually have some things to be excited about. In the last few weeks they have been playing better, acting like a team and even moved up to grab the sixth spot in the playoffs. There is a legit shot that a big performance by Tuukka can steal a round for the B’s, and with the way the rest of the team has been acquitting themselves lately, it will at least be an exciting first round matchup with Olympic hero Ryan Miller and the Sabres. The real excitement comes with the completion of the draft lottery the other day. The B’s are guaranteed to get either Talyor Hall or Tyler Seguin. Both of them are NHL ready and will be a big help next year to an offense that has been the second lowest scoring in the league this year. I kinda know what it would have felt like for the Celtics to have gotten one of the top two picks in 2007 and gotten either Oden or Durant (Oden has been a bust, but it was exciting to be thinking about getting him).

It’s good to be back. Wakefield takes the mound at 1, so fake sick, drink some ipecac, or moon your boss, because we have day baseball and it’s warm and sunny in Minnesota.

Go Sox.



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Why I Didn’t Buy Red Sox Tickets Today.

This offseason can go either one of two ways: Triumph or tragedy. That’s not hyperbole, and it might not be seen which way it’ll go for three or four years. Today was non-tender day in the Major Leagues (also known as the day that the Twins gave up David Ortiz for nothing), and things have started to roll. Hopefully it will pick up like a snowball going down hill. If this year really is a “bridge year” as Theo puts it, down hill might be the operative word there.

The first order of business is that whole left field thing. Jason Bay, the incumbent man beneath the monster, has apparently “moved on” according to his agent. This may be a ploy to drag a few million more dollars out of the Sox, but it also mean that the team is going to lose out and be left to the ravages of Scott Boras, in trying to get Matt Holliday to town, or the dreaded platoon. Odds are that Bay has moved on to the Mets or some other crappy team, meaning the Sox will have to come up with another answer (I want this to be wrong very badly) A wise man once said that if you have two quarterbacks you have none, and in the AL east, it is the same way with every position player. If the team is forced to go with a platoon for a year then that will show that they are throwing away a season in the hopes of spending that money on Carl Crawford.

Then there is third base/first base (whichever one Youk isn’t playing). With the trade of Mike Lowell, the Sox are missing a guy to play one of the corner infield spots (don’t give me that casey Kotchman crap, he’s a good player for a mid level team, not a starter on a World Series team, especially with his bat). The door is open for a big trade, say for Miguel Cabrera or Adrian Gonzalez (I get the feeling I’m starting to repeat myself, but until another option is shown to me I’m sticking to my guns), or a signing of Adrian Beltre. There aren’t any exciting free agent corner infielders set to be on the market after this season, so I really don’t see the plan there if they do wait.


Other than that, I’m pretty happy with the way the team looks as constituted today. Scutaro was a good move to “bridge” the gap between today and Jose Iglesias (another “prospect” for whom Theo is leveraging the present), but other than that there has been no step forward, only a step back, and if the Sox win the World Series for three years in a row over the next decade that’s fine, but for now it sucks.

That is why I didn’t go to “Christmas at Fenway” (should have been Chanukah) today and buy tickets, spending part of my (way too small) paycheck on a team that hasn’t shown me that they will spend their tremendous revenues on me. When and if that happens, you will find me scouring the web for tickets and calling in all of te favors that I have earned over the past year, but until then, i’m mostly just an interested observer, not an invested one.

Go Sox.

67 Days.


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Remember when the Sox picked up Ortiz?

Well this isn’t like that. But it’s close. Kinda… Maybe.

I love #27's.

Yesterday, for the price of two minor-leaguers you don’t care about, the Red Sox acquired left-handed-hitter Jeremy Hermida from the Florida Marlins. Theo essentially swooped in and plucked Hermida before he became one of about 70 players (which is a huge number) to be what is called “non-tendered.” Essentially, the Marlins don’t want to afford him so they basically put him in the want ads for short money… alla Minnesota / David Ortiz.

So where does Jeremy fit in 2010? Well for one thing, it was fun Rocco, but you can ring up chiropractic bills somewhere else next season. It’s also decent Jason Bay insurance. I don’t see (and we hope Theo doesn’t either) Hermida as the everyday in left next season, but the acquisition does send a message. Let’s just hope it’s only a message (or an MSG to those of you reading our fancy new mobile site) and that Jason Bay is rippin git up next year to which ever enormous sum of money we get put over a barrel for.

Jeremy Hermida was the 11th overall pick in the 2002 amateur draft. He is 25 and in 5 seasons with the Marlins has hit 57 home runs, 210 RBIs and .265. His best year was 2007: 18HR, 63RBI and .296BA in 123 games.



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