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It’s An Off Day, So I Can Forget About The Red Sox for A While.

Did you ever think I’d write that? Me either, but here we are, with three weeks left in the 2010 baseball season, and I need a break. I can’t stop watching all nine innings every night, but it’s more like rubbernecking at a car accident than really watching with any hope. I’m curious about the kids, and trying to figure out what should happen with Ortiz and all of the old guys, but the passion just isn’t there. Basically watching the Sox crumble with injuries to the hitters and inconsistencies among the pitching staff (how ya liking Colorado, Manny?) has made me hate myself.

In an attempt to make myself forget about the pain in the ass that is the slow death of the Red Sox, I have turned to another source of daily entertainment, the NFL. The problem that I have always had with the NFL is that there isn’t enough daily action. So, in the midst of the too-little-too-late beatdown that the Sox were throwing at the Rays last night, SMC and I participated in my first ever fantasy football draft. I’ll say this, it was boring. With a 16 team league and all of the tools that the Mothership (we decided to do it through ESPN) there wasn’t much excitement to it. Either take the best guy available or the best of whatever you need, but the research, analysis, and most of the decision making was already done for me.

As it turns out, the later rounds get kinda thin (though it did allow me to pick up both the Law Firm, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, and LeGarret Blount, who I can depend on to get some points for punching people) but over all my asst. GM (MVPork) and I are pretty happy with the way things turned out. Maybe this will keep my mind off the fact that it is still about five months until baseball gets exciting again (the Hot Stove is too intermittent).

Today is an off day, so enjoy tonight (good yontif to those members of the tribe out there) and I’m taking the Saints (-5) over the Vikings to start the season tonight.

Go Sox.



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Blunt End to Blount Season; Hoity Toity Hout gets Knocked the Eff Out.

Blount Punch Angle 1By now we’ve all seen the video, heard all the commentary and the punishment, and given up on any chance that Oregon had to have a decent season. LeGarrette Blount’s sucker punch  of Byron Hout at the end of last night’s Oregon-Boise State game was not only the last thing he will do this season (after he was suspended for the entire year today, though he will stay on scholarship) but a great way to get people talking about College Football as the season begins. The year long suspension for a guy who was being touted as a Heisman candidate (kind of on the DL) comes down not only to a punishment for what he did, but for where and when he did it.

Yes, it was wrong for LeGarrette (Wogga Bear, who is a real black person, said he doesn’t understand why it’s LeGarrette and not just Garrette, or why other black Byron Hout Should Be Really Embarrassedathletes are DaShawn and not just Shawn any more than I do, so maybe I’ll change my name to LeDone) (not really, but I still don’t get it) to throw that punch. For that alone he should sit out half of the season, but it wasn’t just that. On his way out of the stadium, he tried to pull an Artest and go after some Boise fans and had to be restrained by coaches, police and security. That should add two games, but it took something special to make it an entire season.

LeGarrette Blount Coldcocks Byron Hout after he loses.Unfortunately for LeGarrette, he walked into a shitstorm of something special. First, it was the debut for his new coach, Chip Kelly, who took over for Mike Bellotti, who became the school’s AD. The new coach has to set an example to show that he’s not going to sacrifice his morals for wins by going easy on this guy because he’s key to the team’s success. Secondly, there was a compulsitory handshake before the game as part of the NCAA initiative to encourage sportsmanship, and this kind of went against that whole idea. Last and most important is the fact that it was the first game of the season, on ESPN, and there was a camera watching as if the whole thing was planned. Seriously, the video is incredible and the fact that it was caught so clearly and directly just made it worse for him. This isn’t like Brandon Merriweather taking off his helmet to beat someone before a game in a crowd (remember that, well, he’s gonna be nasty this season), which was hard to see. This was front and center.

If you are going to punch someone on camera you shouldn't suck in the game just before you do.

If you are going to punch someone on camera you shouldn't suck in the game just before you do.

The PR hit would have been too big, the criticism too loud and the liberals who didn’t enjoy this as much as I did would have complained too much had they not over penalized Blount. Even all four guys on Around the Horn said it was perfect, which is an automatic sign that it was overkill due to the exposure.

On the other side of the coin, the coaches at Boise State decided to go with the Vick rule, and didn’t suspend Byron Hout. They figured getting coldcocked on national TV and having it played on YouTube for the rest of time was enough of a punishment for stupidly taunting a guy who he had already beaten. He’s paid his debt to society.

StartMattCassel’s Take: …I would like to digress for just a moment to address the Oregon/Boise St. punching incident. Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount was on his way off the field when Boise State’s Byron Hout taps him on the shoulder and shouts something to the affect of, and it’s OK to swear because it’s a quote, “Fuck Ya, Baby!” and then taunted Blount by jumping up and down around him. Keep in mind this was after the game… when you should be done with your shit talking. So what happens next? Blount lands a cross on Hoyt’s chin and sends his shit talking ass to the turf. A guy who deserved to get popped on the chin… got popped on the chin. Blount should get suspended for 2 games and Hoyt should get one game for taunting. If you talk shit after a game, the possibility should exist that you will get what’s coming to you… a haymaker.

LeDone, SMC.

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