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Boston is Boston, and that’s pretty cool.

It has been about a week since I last checked in to the Ballpark. I have been on an epic journey through time, space, self and the south… each one stranger than the last. Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana (I’m purposely omitting California, which was the point of embarkation, because California sucks). The Sox record while I was on the road was 5-3, The Celtics won game 7 while I was surrounded by Bulls fans in Scottsdale, Arizona (which I hated by the way, it is a productionless suckpit that traps people with warm weather and nice people and then surrounds you with unwed teenage mothers and old guys with crappy tattoos) and even the Bruins went up 1-0 in the series -before forgetting how to play the sport and losing three straight including a devastating and demoralizing OT loss-. Bottom line, I shit talked my way across the country, and there wasn’t a damn thing anyone could do about it because I was wearing a Red Sox hat and they weren’t. The icing on the cake, of course, was the slew of incoming calls I received while waiting to board my flight home informing me that Manny had tested positive for some penis enhancing steroid and was suspended for 50 games. -Unfortunately, Manny will still outswing Ortiz in every major category.-

The sexiest thing piece of clothing, I have determined, that a guy can wear, is a fitted dark blue had with a bold old English red B on the front of it. I was either faced with guys trying to babble an insult that was easily refuted with the score of whatever Boston game was underway at the moment or young ladies that wanted to hear all about it or share their love of Beantown with me. And I am a very good listener.

I was home in time for Mothers Day, a great day for Boston sports perennially; we saw the Celtics, Bruins and Red Sox all fully operational. Except of course for Ortiz who was only semi operational. Watching him stroke that wall-ball-double on a pitch that shouldn’t have landed yet was a disheartening moment, he just couldn’t get his pink bat around on the fastball… which has been the case all season, and will probably not hit a single dinger this year.

Try this, Big Papi:

The point, other than Ortiz needs his HGH snackie cakes back, is that our players, teams and owners are simply cut from a superior cloth than say, all the teams from all the cities I drove through. Here’s a list of problems we don’t have: Choking ourselves while struggling to enjoy a Padres game, rooting for Kurt Warner when your favorite player is the backup QB (I am the only fan in Boston with that condition… and even I have been cured), living in a state where every major sports billboard is for a college team (New Mexico) and lastly, we don’t have to be from Texas. -I can’t say anything bad about Louisiana… that state was awesome. The Patriots travel to the Big Easy on November 30th of this upcoming season and I fully intent to be there. You are all invited to join me.-

Of course, it’s easy to fall into the trap of criticizing our own, when Big Baby is our offensive standout, the Bruins start looking like a bad roller hockey team and Ortiz is forced to play with a fittingly pink bat, but there’s nothing like a little perspective to remind us all how great Boston is.

Tonight, as you all know, is the New England Sports Blog Award party at McGreevey’s Bar. Done, ABA and myself will be surrounded by people who are essentially trying to win awards based on how much they love their home teams. We will be in good company, drinking cheap beer, and talking shit about everything about every other team in every other city. It’s gonna be awesome, and it’s open to all, so please come and support your local homers.




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Vote For Us, Because It’s the Right Thing to Do.

Today is the last day of voting for the New England Sports Blog Awards, so please don’t forget to vote for us. Thanks for all the support over the past seven months and we look forward to attempting to distract you from your job for a long time to come.

APTOPIX Rays Red Sox BaseballI’m beginning to think Paps likes it that way. After the Sox took the lead on a pair of doubles by Big Mami (entertaining stat of the day: Ortiz is hitting .221, but .345 with runners in scoring position) and the 2009 AL MVP, Papelbon came into the game for the save. But to him that wasn’t exciting enough. He walked Iwamura, then got bored and threw away a pickoff attempt to Bailey, allowing Iwamura to get to second (I think Paps still has images of that pick off against Holliday in the Series dancing in his head). A single to Bartlett and it’s first and third, nobody out. “O.K.” Papelbon thinks, “now the inning can start.” Up comes Haverhill native and Northeastern alum, Carlos Peña. Down goes Haverhill native and Northeastern alum, Carlos Peña, blown away with a high fastball. B.J. Upton steps to the plate, waives feebly at three pitches and then goes to sit down. Carl Crawford comes up, and Papelbon laughs as he makes him look silly with high cheese. The Sox win 4-3, take the series for the first time this season against the Rays and Jason Bay continues to make me look good for telling everyone how awesome he is.

Three up, three down, all on swinging Ks. Nasty.

Sit the F Down. The South Should Not Have Hockey.

Sit the F Down. The South Should Not Have Hockey.

The Bruins also showed up for the first time in three games last night and threw a beating at the Hartford Whalers. For the first time in the series they let their intensity truly come out and used physical play to set the tone as they blanked the Whalers 4-0. Four goals, a couple of fights and some revenge fodder when Aaron Ward was sucker punched at the end of the third. I can’t even imagine how Tim Conboy feels this morning after getting his ass beaten by both Shawn Thornton (he never even got his gloves off) and Mark Stuart. The B’s are headed back to

Did anyone else notice that he violently shoved a child out of the way as he was celebrating?

Did anyone else notice that he violently shoved a child out of the way as he was celebrating?

And the Celtics made it three for three on the Large Infant’s jumper at the buzzer. What a huge difference a few months makes.  There he was crying on the bench after KG yelled at him (not that I blame him, KG is one scary MotherF#$%er) and now he’s nailing last second shots and storming down the court with a face that scares children. I bet his mom is so proud.

I Effing hate off days.Vote for us.

Go Sox. Go Bruins. Go Celtics.



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Vote Early, Vote Often

Vote For Us For Best Patriots Blog

Vote For Us For Best Patriots Blog

As SMC reported yesterday, we here at the Ballpark were nominated for a New England Sports Blog Award as the Best Pats Blog. Though SMC is our resident Pats guy, and this is mostly due to his terrific coverage, we are all honored to be nominated but we want to f@#$ing win. So please go visit our friends at www.trufan.com/blogawards and vote for us.


Go Sox. Go B’s. Go C’s. Go Pats



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Artificial Turf: We are super cool, Nominated for best Pats blog.

Sports Fans! Great news from the Ballpark: We have been nominated by TruFan.com for a New England Sports Blog Award in the Patriots category along with Real Boston Sports Fans, Sports of Boston and Patriots Daily. The entire Ballpark is honored by the nomination, I especially so. We all take great pride in the musings we publish and thank you all sincerely for your votes which led to our nomination.

Now it’s time for the big finish!

Voting for the winners began today and can be done so by clicking the link below. There is no shame in voting from every single email address you have… and yes, that is definitely what I will be doing.

Please go to www.trufan.com/blogawards to cast your vote for us. Vote early and often, eternal bliss shall be your reward.

Thank you again, readers and commentators alike.

– StartMattCassel

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