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Nobody Expects the Curse of Nomar.

Don't you hate it when your groin muscle pulls away from the bone?

When I awoke/stopped vomiting (due to being full of pre Thanksgiving travel food) this morning, I was planning to write about my thoughts on the various trade rumors surrounding the Boston Red Sox and Clay Buchholz. For the second off season in the past four years, one of the best pitchers in the AL is available on the trade market and numerous other players are within the realm of possibility.

But then I checked Extra Bases and found that the Curse of Nomar had struck again. I know we (Red Sox fans) are thought to be overly willing to call any amount of bad luck (or pure suckitude) a curse (like Shaughnessy’s made up Curse of the Bambino), but this time it really is a Billy Goat level curse. When Nomar Garciaparra was traded away from the Red Sox on July 31st 2004, he struck the team with a curse, not to have a successful shortstop (meaning one who didn’t make us want to swallow a winchester) while he was still in the league.

Today that curse came back to get us just when we thought things might be a little bit more settled. Alex Gonzalez, the Sox starting shortstop in 2006 and the guy who gave us some type of stability last August and September, was thought to be an option to come back. The team had declined a $6 million option on Gonzo a few weeks ago, but was still planning on offering him a one year $3 million deal, especially after he hit .280 down the stretch with an unexpected burst of power.

Then came this morning’s report that Gonzo had signed with the Toronto BJs for a one year deal worth $2.75 Mil. The Curse has struck again. The Sox will need another new shortstop.

So who will be the next bearer of the curse? The options are Marco Scutaro, a versatile guy who is coming off a career year, and, um, …. …. yeah. Adam Everett, Khalil Greene (best white guy name ever, it just makes me want to make jihad jokes) and Miguel Tejada are also options, but this is not 2006 and this is also not the NL West. The Sox need to get this settled, and a one year stopgap measure is not going to make it.

The other option that everyone is always mentioning is Orlando Cabrera, who took over for Nomar in 2004, but he has worn out his welcome on for other ballclubs since then, and was not resigned by the Sox for “Off-Field Issues,” which means that dudes boof him. Of course, I can’t confirm that, but since 2004, everybody who has been asked in public and may actually know has refused to answer for fear of being sued for libel.

More soon on all of the trade speculation, unless something went down at dinner tonight, Schilling style.

Happy Thanksgiving, Go Sox.

84 Days.



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Nomah, Back to the Bean.

The day the 2004 Nomar trade went through Cubs fans were dancing in the streets and Sox fans around the world were an odd kind of puzzled. We were coming off a painful 2003 postseason and our franchise player was on his way out of town, replaced by Orlando Cabrera and a a few odds ‘n ends.

He probably did them.

He probably did them.

Our relationship with Nomar began to sour after the A-Rod talks fell through (thank god) and by the time the 2004 trade deadline came around, Tito said articulately that Nomar was “Bostoned out.” Leading up to that point however, Nomar had made repeated claims that he wanted to spend his whole career in Boston. Apparently the Brass felt otherwise.

For the majority of Nomar’s tenure, he was a hustle player. Home grown talent that came up through the Cape League, he was solid in the field, a threat at the plate but quiet in the media. Garciaparra’s media shyness was a part of his undoing. Boston fans need to connect with their players, we need to feel like everybody’s is on the same page and everybody wants to win. When the end came for Nomar, the public outcry was minimal because even after eight seasons as the Sox short gapper, we really didn’t connect with the guy.

Cue the greatest 1/2 season in Red Sox fan & team history.



Cabrera comes to town to start, Doug Mientkiewicz enters the scene as a ball-stealing defensive replacement, Keith (I remember not hating him) Foulke turns it on as one of the best closers in baseball and Manny & the Idiots slug their way to a World Series championship. The streets were covered in tears of joy… and teargas.

The 2004 Sox season ended just in time for everyone to be Patriots fans again. The year of the Dynasty. I was wondering aimlessly around my apartment last night (very long weekend) and I stumbled upon the NFL Channel’s account of the Patriot’s super bowl run and it just reminded me how awesome Boston really is.

We got Smoltz on the hill tonight and the he’ll be throwing to a couple big swinging bats, ala Giambi and Holliday… but the matchup I’m looking forward to this evening is at bat number one for the A’s 6th-hitting DH, the king of the 48 minute at bat. Stop messing with your freaking batting gloves, you’ve already screwed up every little game in the country. Thank God Dice-K isn’t toeing the rubber tonight.

So stand and ovate, or sit and boo. Nomar is probably a steroid guy and definitely slinked his way out of town… but no matter what side of the fence you’re on, it will be a hell of a game.

Go sox.


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