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Pride and Glory

The Boston Celtics organization was founded in 1946 and since has been the most dominant franchise in its sports history. Seventeen championships in all, and between 1959-1966 an absolutely league dominating eight straight. But those were the good old days when rivalries were fierce and scuffles were as frequent as they were in the NHL. The Celtics represent Boston tradition at its finest and last night was a fitting tribute to such. Opening Night, Ring Ceremony or Banner Night call it what you want just don’t call it boring, because there was something for everyone.

The new season is officially underway and it started with that glorious seventeenth banner being raised to the rafters. Not only did the team receive their rings but some Celtic legends got their just due as well. It’s the opinion of some that KG is the leader of this team, but I’d have to agree to disagree and say that while certainly a leader in his own wright he is much more of an emotional motivator. The true leader of course is number 5 on the C’s all time scoring list Paul Pierce, who for about four minutes before the game bared a bit of his soul in an emotional speech to the fans. He talked about his ups and very low downs but couldn’t be more thrilled about how things have worked out in the end. Thank you, Boston.

There was also a game to be played amongst all the festivities and tears. Through most of the first two quarters the Boston Celtics looked very out of sync on the offensive end. Errant shots rained down from all angles and it plain looked a bit sloppy, meanwhile ‘Bron and the Cavs were having their way. With around 1:20 left in the second the Celts put on a bit of a run witch naturally started on the defensive end. At the half the score was 50-43 Cavs.

On a not-so-side note P Double (Paul Pierce) apparently lost 10 pounds in the offseason witch really paid dividends all night on the offensive end taking LeBron off the dribble and converting a number of drives to the basket. Unfortunately “Sugar” Ray Allen had only 8 points and never seemed to find his rhythm. Tony Allen (11 points) though was a big contributor on both ends of the court providing some great momentum after nailing a couple of hard fought baskets and converting at the stripe witch ended the third quarter with Boston in the lead 67-63. Leon “The Truck” Powe had a solid night around the basket with two highlight reel quality bangs on one Delonte West and one Anderson Varejao -I won’t give away witch one made #1 on SC’s top ten list. Per my prediction (see Colors) this is what he can contribute with a full head of steam. But the night really belonged to the captain Paul Pierce who ended the night with 27 points and solid play from beginning to end.

Opening night is officially a wrap with the C’s coming away the victors with a 90-85 win over the Cavs. On a personal note I’m sincerely hoping that the Celtics don’t get caught up in all the “repeat” hoopla but focus more on continuing the majestic tradition of the organization not just the championships. Championships will certainly come as long as the leaders continue to lead and set the example with hard work and commitment to the team, keeping their nose to the grindstone and getting it done. Playing with that kind of pride will certainly allow them to eventually reap the rewards of glory that will undoubtedly follow.



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