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Artificial Turf: Colts Make Pats Eat Turf, Pride

Just a foot too short. Faulk must not have seen the yellow line.

The game wasn’t lost on the 4th and too short completion to Kevin Faulk as the clock ticked towards the two minute warning last night. Whether or not we broke our televisions shortly thereafter, from a coaching perspective, I stand behind the decision to go for it on that down & scenario and if you didn’t, you’re too thin skinned for the NFL.

The Colts were going to score from wherever on the field they got their last possession, so it was imperative to either keep the ball through the end of the game or work it down for a field goal to make it a 9 point game. We have Tom Brady and they have Peyton Manning. The decision was, keep the game in Tom’s hands, don’t put it in Manning’s. And Tom Brady, with the game on the line, in a must-have 2 yard situation with 5 WRs… I like our odds. The problem with odds… are the long shots. Freaking Faulk who played great up to that point didn’t run far enough, Brady rushed the throw, the press coverage was perfect and we turned the ball over on a non-reviewable play because we were out of time outs, we got a questionable spot and there was just nothing we could do.

Well shit.

And would someone please shadow the coverage on Reggie Wayne!?!? Man I hate Wilhite today.

I would rather be dancing now than then.

If you want to hear about any upside… like Moss’s 179 yard/ 2TD performance, Edelman’s return to the lineup with a score, Welker’s 9 catch / 94 yard day or how rookie tackle Sebastien Vollmer made Dwight Freeney his bitch and held him to straight zeros on the stat sheet, you’re gonna have to wait till later in the week. I would also like to address the fact that Moss, Green-Ellis and Wes Welker have all gone full-pirate. Seriously, look at Moss’s beard, Green-Ellis’s leather scullrag… personally, I think Edelman needs to join in on it. But I’m gonna wait till I’m less pissed at everybody to talk about something funny.

But we're not dancing. We're dejected losers.

The fact is, we won the game, and then effectively made the statement: we aren’t ready for this win. The Colts were. It just kept feeling… even in the first half, alla 2006, like tha game wasn’t over. They were a better team last night. A F you, NBC for when you gave the magazine cover montage of Brady and Manning you used a bunch of gay magazine covers for Brady and a bunch of sports illustrated covers for Manning. (And I mean ‘gay’ like Details Magazine photo spread with your shirt off, not like homosexual). Just so we’re clear, Brady has been on 9 Sports Illustrated Covers. So go Screw, NBC… tryin to make my boy look like a Mary and Peyton The Thumb Manning look like a football star…

The only thing that will make this feel better is pounding the Jets into the ground next weekend. And then by beating the Saints. If we don’t do those two very important things, we risk this game being the defining moment of the season.

Well shit.



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Artificial Turf: Patriots Good Across the Pond Too

Interceptions have become a bit of a theme these past few weeks; Darious Butler on display here.

Interceptions have become a bit of a theme these past few weeks; Darious Butler on display here.

First, a couple things about the feasibility of an NFL franchise in London: Overall, I’ll say that I’d rather see a team in Vegas or LA first, but I think the logistics are there for a team in Europe. The travel is comparable to a cross-country flight for most teams and the interest does seem to be there. Additionally, if there is only one team overseas, the novelty of going to the games will continue to sell out the stadium… which every demo game over the past three years already has; this year Wembley sold out in 6 minutes. The downfall is generally personnel related, asking 53 families, plus coaches, staff and front office guys is a big thing to demand. Plus the TV production teams, stadium personnel and game officials. The need for NFL camera & production teams was overtly apparent, given that the audio, visual and actual camera angles were incredibly poor.

The game itself… was fun to watch, even though Brady doubled his interception total on the season (2 INTs), he put 3 in the endzone and completed the longest play of the season to Sam Aiken, which was the best play of the game for a couple reasons: 1- It was Aiken’s first career score, 2- It was a great run after catch, and 3- Brady showed serious vintage quality. With a heavy pass rush being pushed downfield by the O-tackles, as the end became to come around, Brady sensed the pressure from behind, slid forward with great pocket mobility, set his feet and delivered a powerful strike to a small window for the completion.

Brady showing serious pocket pressence.

Brady showing serious pocket pressence.

Brady was great even after a long wait to get in the game, Merriweather took a pick six off the first play of the game and the defense was stifling from then on out. Darius Butler had another interception and Tully Banta-Cain celebrated his reunion with the team by leading the defense with 5 tackles (along with Mayo & McGowan).

I was also encouraged to see Brandon Tate contributing positive return yards and showing some good bursts on an 11-yard end-around run and a great deep route that he didn’t end up connecting on. That Welker guy led all receivers with 100+ yards on 10 receptions and Sebastien Vollmer, the online European-born played on the field, also protected well and drew a great deal of media attention which he handled very well.

If you have some time, I suggest Googling around the London Times to read the British coverage form the British perspective, they loved hosting the game and were a great host City.

The Patriots head into their bye week with a 5-2 record, solid momentum and have reminded the rest of the NFL that they ARE in the elite tier of competitors and they are hungry for football wins.


the Pats are ready to Grind.

The Pats are ready to Grind.


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