About The Ballpark

No one really knows who we are, where we are from or what we do. Just that we have a lot of time on our hands, a computer of some type and have been known to drunkenly tell Yankees fans to get out of Fenway Park. That should be enough for now. Oh, and F@#$ Alex Rodriguez

Communicate with us at MyBallpark@gmail.com



This is the only known picture of Done and StartMattCassel

This is the only known picture of Done and StartMattCassel



This is the only known photo of AngryBalckAle

This is the only known photo of AngryBalckAle

13 responses to “About The Ballpark

  1. pch chxn

    so is the citgo sign lighting on fire yesterday a bad sign or a good one……?

  2. startmattcassel

    It means, clearly, that the Sox are on fire. This is of course a deep and spiritual analysis.

  3. this amount of information is less than satisfactory about the authors. Useful information to having an informed about the ballpark, the content and the quality of random sports blogging analysis would include, Age, sexual orientation, dob, Social security and credit card info.


    p.s. whats with the silly smily face @ the top of the page anyways?

  4. BallFour

    i’ve been wondering about that smiley face too. like… stop effing smiling at me.

  5. pch chxn

    i noticed that smiley face too recently…is that supposed to be some sort of subliminal message? 😛

    and btw i hate tom brady even more (not that i ever really liked that pretty boy) when i found out today that he went to LA to have his knee surgery instead of doing it in boston…he thought the docs in boston werent good enough?? i bet he’s regretting it now that he got an infection cuz of the stupid idiot docs in LA he went to HAH~

  6. Just another reason to hate the wrong coast.

  7. angryblackale looks adorable….i just want to punt him….

  8. Extensive use of the latest digital imaging technology has revealed the identity of StartMattCassell to be non other than former Pats QB Drew Bledsoe

  9. P Diddy

    what up Romance

  10. SwimFan

    I am Mr. Boombastic.


  11. hahahha ABA still looks amazing!!!!!!

  12. …RIP Angry Black Ale….

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