Javy Vazquez is My Homie.

That’s right. I love the guy.


The Sox go into a weekend series needing to win three of four to stay afloat in the playoff race, and the Yanks are throwing Javier “Gave up the grand slam to Johnny Damon which officially killed the curse” Vazquez to start out against Buchholz. Could there be any situation better? Vazquez is 3-7 against the Sox lifetime and sucked so bad at one point this season that he almost got Joba’d back to the minors (or worse, to the NL).

As I said before, this is the best possible way to start the reacharound series, our most consistent guy against their crappiest. After last night’s domination by Dice-K, and the timely awesomeness of Adrian Beltre (my preseason pick for AL MVP), the momentum is with the Sox and if Earl Weaver was right when he said “Momentum is the next day’s starting pitcher” you gotta feel pretty good right now.

The apocalypse is upon us again and you can be sure that SMC and I will be hanging on every pitch.

Go Sox.


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One response to “Javy Vazquez is My Homie.

  1. yankee_fanboy

    You’re aware the curse wasn’t getting to the World Series, it was winning the World Series, right? Thus Johnny Damon’s grand slam in that game could not have officially ended the curse.

    P.S. how’s it feel to know the former posterboy for the Red Sox likes New York better?

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